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Zionists still shedding Gazans’ blood in Ramadan

Muslims around the world celebrate the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan, while thousands of innocent people in Gaza are still under bombardment by the bloodthirsty Zionist regime forces. The false claim of a ceasefire proposed by some countries to be restored between the two sides reached no results, as the regime and its supporting Americans are not in favor of an end to war but further persisting in killing innocent children and women, while Islamic countries are just watching the human tragedy. The Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Mullah Mohammad Hasan Akhund, in his message on the advent of the holy month of Ramadan. Following is part of the message from the Islamic Emirate Prime Minister: “This year, the month of Ramadan arrives at a time when the Zionist aggressors are inflicting oppression upon helpless Muslims in Palestine, an inseparable part of the Islamic world, particularly in Gaza, and the world is witnessing it with open eyes. Once again, we call upon the global community, particularly on international organizations and Islamic countries, to fulfill their shared responsibility in putting an end to the ongoing cruelty and brutality against the oppressed Muslims in Gaza. The situation unfolding in Gaza represents a dark stain on the history of humanity, and nations either contributing to this cruelty or failing to make genuine efforts to prevent it are deemed complicit as criminal partners of the Zionist invaders.” America which is the main supporter of the Zionist occupying regime has long fueled war in Palestine and caused the death of tens of thousands of innocent Palestinians since the long years of war between the two sides. America wants to deceive the public mind by playing a double policy; on one hand, sending military supplies to the occupying regime forces and on the other hand, claiming to have mediated a (failed) truce between the warring sides. Also, there is no sign of international pressure on the Israeli regime since the war started months ago that led to the death of nearly 30,000 people, mostly children in Gaza. So, there is a need for the Islamic countries to meet and work for putting off the flame of war and boycott with the regime and its support and do their best to form an independent Palestinian government. The aid agencies and health organizations should also flow aids to the war-affected people, particularly during the holy fasting days.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.