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Zionists’ Iran attack alarms harsh regional disorder

The Israeli regime forces have reportedly launched an airstrike on the Iranian territory, early on Friday, after the Islamic Republic army pounded the occupying regime’s multiple points in retaliation to a deadly attack on its Damascus’s consular section, a few weeks ago. The foiled strikes of the regime hit an air base near the Iranian central Isfahan city, where it slightly disturbed the situation and temporally delayed flights. No casualties or property losses have so far been reported and the strike has reportedly failed to inflict any damage in the targeted points. The Iranian-related officials have assured that no major disruption had happened to infrastructures following the strikes and the flights were resumed and turned normal, soon after the strike. But, this has convoyed an alarm to the world leaders who fear they could erupt into a broader war, if not restrained. If we cast a look at the military power and defense systems of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Zionist regime, we can find that all what the Israeli regime is using against Palestinians, Lebanon, Syria Iran, or any other of its foes, are the military equipment, including warplanes, missiles, the most powerful technology of Iron Dome and other air defense systems, America and its allies are providing for, since the establishment of the occupying Zionist regimes, after Jews were ousted from Europe and resettled in the Palestinian territory and announced its establishment in 1948. The regime, itself has no enough military power to even defend itself, let alone attack other countries and these are the U.S. and other of its allies to provide heavy financial and military support for it as having it as a puppet regime and proxy against other nations. The recent strike launched by the Zionists on Iran, will not only follow any effective consequences for the regime and this will never show the Jewish power against an Islamic country, but vice versa, this indicates the Israeli regime’s failure in war on its real enemies, as it is stunned by current sensitive situation. Because, its politicians, particularly the cruel Netanyahu is facing harsh reactions from its people and being threatened with dismissal and on the other hand, they are facing several wars from many Muslim countries in defense to the innocent Gazans. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has long announced its support to the Palestinians and has called their war on Zionists, their rights to defend their territories and sacred lands and the recent attack of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the Zionists, a lesson to the Jewish to be aware of the Islamic countries power. The so-called retaliatory attack of the Israeli regime on Iran is only to show that Zionists still exist and that they can (even poorly) move against any military threat, even if they could do nothing in defending themselves.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.