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Zionist regime serves as cancer in Muslim world body

After the Jewish state’s military attacked Gaza about 5 months ago, resulting in the death and injury of over 100,000 Palestinians, they are now attempting to occupy other lands of the oppressed Palestinians and establish Jewish settlements there. It is said that in this new series of construction, the occupying regime plans to build 3,500 houses. What does Israel want? Since its establishment, the Jewish state has been making an effort to harass and torture Palestinians, forcing them to leave their lands and relocate to other areas. The strategy that Zionist forces have been successful with so far is the construction of Jewish settlements on Palestinian lands. The Zionist regime aims for Muslims in the region to live under their control in a manner that they do not take up arms to defend themselves, Al-Aqsa, and their land but rather live as enslaved people so that they can usurp Palestinian land and pave the way for mischief in other re gions of the world. However, it seems that Palestinians have been fighting against the Jewish state’s forces with empty hands for years and somehow obstructing the implementation of their plans. Now that the Zionist regime continues committing the massacre of Palestinians and occupation of their lands, it is essential for the international community, especially Arab Nations (neighbors of the Jewish state and Palestine), to stand against the genocide and usurpation of the occupied land of Palestine because if today they occupy Palestinian lands, tomorrow they will have greedy eyes on Arab lands and the rest of the Muslim world. Therefore, managing Zionist aggression, establishing an independent Palestine, and liberating Palestinian land from Israeli occupation are urgent needs of the time and must be accomplished. Mashal Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.