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Zionist regime escalates crime in Gaza

According to Gaza Health Ministry, the death toll among Palestinians passed 8,300, primarily women and children, and more than 1.4 million people in Gaza have fled their homes. The figure is without precedent in decades of Jewish state-Palestinian violence. The oppressed people of Palestine have been suffering for years from the wars and atrocities committed by Zionist terrorists. They are continuously torn apart and martyred by heavy bombs, destructive missiles, and fiery rockets. The Jewish state has been engaging in crimes for decades, and due to their pride and selfishness, they incite conflict and turmoil. You can see that the Zionist regime, with its limited resources, does not hesitate to commit any atrocity in Palestine and Gaza, subjecting the oppressed Palestinian people to the most ruthless aerial and ground attacks and even massacres. In contrast, we Muslims are so lazy, indifferent, and uninspired that we cannot save Palestine, and we do not even have a plan or measures to save these oppressed people throughout history. Unfortunately, the Muslim world is in crisis from every angle. Economic, political, and military crises, negligence and apathy contribute to crises that affect the Islamic community daily, weakening and destroying it. Our negligence, lethargy, and indifference are the only blow that has broken our backs and left us shattered in the whirlpool of problems and challenges. Most leaders of Islamic countries are initially educated in Western and Eastern infidel countries. After brainwashing and various manipulations, they enter Islamic countries, and colonial powers dominate them, causing them to sacrifice all Islamic values in exchange. Why does the Muslim world remain silent, and Muslims do not react to the bloodthirsty crimes of the Jewish state? The reason for this indifference and sorrow is that the leaders of Islamic countries often work at the behest of America and the West and lack their own will, logic, and policies. They are not independent in their decisions. Among them, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, despite bearing a significant burden of problems, has repeatedly managed to condemn the Zionist regime’s acts of terrorism. Some other countries oppose these crimes, but colonial powers do not allow them to express their criticism and condemn these crimes. Except for the Islamic Emirate and a few other countries, all others have turned a deaf ear and viewed the Palestinian issues and Islamic countries from behind the tinted glasses of America, the West, and the infidel world. Leaders of these countries don’t even allow their nations to take a stance or express criticism or at least have an opinion regarding the Jewish state’s acts of terrorism. If these nations rise, they are arrested and tortured and sometimes even sentenced to death by the Western-influenced leaders. Therefore, Muslim nations are forced to remain silent and await the commands of their feeble, compromising, and Western-influenced leaders. Otherwise, the souls of the Islamic world and the Muslim world, as stated by one of the scholars, can remove the Zionist regime from the world map and save the body of the Islamic world from this cancer by merely pouring a bucket of water. However, the Islamic world and Islamic countries are still mainly under the control of leaders influenced by American and Western policies which are not willing to take even the slightest action against the will of the arrogant powers. Because these black serpents are under the feet of America, the West, and the infidel countries, these leaders are afraid and fearful of the consequences of their actions if they deviate from the path set by the powerful. That’s why everyone is sitting idly by and witnessing the tragic ordeal of their Palestinian brothers. Still, they don’t see the courage or audacity to save or even directly or indirectly support them. Sayed Asef Fekrat

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.