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Zanburak Shah Wall; historical monument in Kabul

The Zanburak Shah Wall is considered as one of the historic monuments with 1,400 years of history. Based on the information, the historic wall was constructed in pre-Islamic era by two brothers named as Zanburak and Zanbilik, who were both rulers on their time.
Kabul is known for its historic monuments and sites. The Zanburak Shah Wall is one of such ancient and historic monuments in the heart of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.
According to the residents of Kabul, there were two brothers who were both rulers and used to fight a lot; therefore, they both planned to build a wall to separate their areas.
“There were two rulers named as Zanburak Shah and Zanbilik Shah, who did not get along well with each other. They chose this area to fight, at that time, people were fighting with swords and other metal instruments. They were fighting over this wall,” said Shah Rasoul Qasimi, a resident of Kabul.
He added that the wall was historic and ancient and people narrated different stories in connection with the construction of the historic wall.
“The wall was built during the pre-Islamic era. Those engaged in building the wall baked first the clay of the wall and then used the baked clay to build the wall. If it was not perfect, they would not use it at all. And the reason that the wall still remains is because its earth has hardened,” said Hazrat Ali, another resident of
A number of other people believe that thousands of young workers might have been put due to their shortcomings and negligence in construction of the wall so it would be a lesson to those not working properly.
“This wall was built because on one side of the wall there was a forest, while on the other side there were the people. It was built as a strong position as far as we remember from our elders about the story, here people were bringing baked clay in their hands, those who could not carry the clay were put or buried inside the
wall instead of baked clay,” said Mohammad Sami, another resident of Kabul.
Currently, this large and historic wall which is above the city on top of the Sher Darwaza mountains is a memoir of those ancient lives. As part of the historic wall had been partially destructed, previous governments have started repairing work on various sections of the wall. Saida

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