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Youths; opportunities and challenges

By: The Kabul Times

One of serious challenges faced by youth is unemployment.
We know that in today’s world the role of economy is prominent very much.
Focusing to economic affairs and ensuring prosperity is one of serious issues of the day and the governments also pursue their expansionist programs in this direction.
As majority of governments in developed nations are named the welfare states.
Youths are one of segments of the society that are in need of further material requirements. So work and employment has vital importance for them while majority of this segment of society are suffering from unemployment.
From various dimensions, this issue makes a headache for them. One of these problems is negative impact of psychological ones.
When youths are facing with unemployment and are not able to provide a business for themselves and find an income resource, they came under depressions. Such state stems from disappointment and the same has bad psychological impacts on them.
Those who are unemployed and has no income, when they compare their living situation with others and see themselves in a bad state, even they feel hate in connection with themselves.
Such state annoys more those youths who are educated and are enjoying from academic literacy, they are further under pressure and this pressure has family aspect.
Unemployed youths feel others who have no positive judgement in regard with themselves. This issue is serious in our society. Because the morale of investigation among our people is high.
Where you are working? How much is you salary? These are the questions that are very painful for those who are unemployed. Because, they have nothing to say, especially for those who are educated.
In our society, unemployment is one of serious problems for all people especially for educated stratum of our society.
Sometimes we see the youth that after graduation from higher educational institutions are compelled to leave their country for neighboring nations to find a job opportunity and accept those works that have no alignment with their education.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.