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Youths have big responsibility in reconstruction & development of country

Youth as a motivated force and positive energy source has principle and key role in the political, social and cultural development of a society. Making use of this essential element will result in development, peace and hope to a good future.
One of the characteristics of development in a society is the existence of the young population considered as a serious element for change and progress in all dimensions.
Those countries that managed their young population in a proper way and made positive use of their force have reached to prosperity and development. But, countries that have failed to manage their young population in a proper way have faced with serious challenges.
Investment in the empowerment and capabilities of the young population is in fact investment in the development of the country. Knowledgeable, merit and committed youth can lay the foundation stone of a sound and valuable society, while using the youth as a tool can put negative impact on meritocracy of the
young generation.
The more attention is paid to capacity building of the young population for their participation in various sectors, the more the young population is raised committed and responded. This help create a positive and constructive environment towards development and progress. Afghan youth are facing with lots of challenges in the country.
For example, unemployment is a big challenge facing most Afghan youth in the country. If attention is not paid to addressing unemployment, more youth will prefer to go to neighboring countries for work.
Now that, security has improved across the country, it is time the Islamic Emirate pay full attention to building the capacity of the young population so that they can take part in reconstruction and economic development of the country.
It is time that the relevant government institutions of the Islamic Emirate make further efforts to provide employment opportunities to the young population, particularly those that have graduated from various government and private higher education universities so that they don’t prefer to leave the country for EU and neighboring countries.
Based on reports, most youth particularly those who are educated and professional at their fields are looking for opportunities to somehow leave the country or take refuge at some EU countries as a large number of the young population have left the country in the past one year. Currently, the Islamic Emirate is working to provide employment opportunities for the young population inside the country.
Mohammad Daud

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.