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‘Youths’ advancement help country develop’

KABUL: Peace and Regional Convergence Festival attended by the Afghan, Pakistan and Tajikistan youths was held in Kabul on Thursday, BNA reported.
The festival was attended by Hasina Safi, the Acting Minister of Information and Culture and some other high ranking government officials and foreign embassies’ representatives, as well as young peace messengers from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan, the agency said.
Addressing the ceremony, Abullah Rassouli, Mediotic program coordinator in Afghanistan saidthe main aim of the festive was to help the youths learn new skills on leadership, negotiation, mediation, involving youth in the process, creation of active regional network to ease effective communications, joint participation in civil and media works, development of relations and building of understanding and trust among the youths and providing the ground for introducing cultures, art and traditions of the three countries, the agency added.
Addressing the festival, Ms. Hasina Safi, the acting minister of information and culture said that development of any country had direct link to the understanding, awareness and effective works of the youths, the agency quoted.
Pointing to the role of the youths, the acting minister praised the efforts of holding such festivals and said such programs would help provide good relation and restore peace in the country, according to the agency.
“Positive changes and advancement of the youths helps the country develop,” said the acting minister, as quoted by the agency.
At the festival, a team of young youths displayed different traditional clothing, the agency concluded.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.