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Youth eyeing security, peace in New Year 1398

While being optimist upon advent of new solar year of 1398, a number of youth expressed their points of view as following:
Talking on new year preparations and opportunities, Sayed Mahboob Hashimi one of the youth said, we wish the new year be a year of nationwide security, reliable peace and reconciliation so to be enable to continue our higher educations in peace of mind and a secure atmosphere and serve future generations and prove to the world that Afghan youth enjoy full power and capability.
Manan Ashkrez another youth said, “as a youth I hope the new year to be a good, peaceful year for all Afghan people. We hope it would be a year free from war, suicide attacks and explosions. All people are thirsty of peace and particularly the youth are fed up with war. We youth wish to complete our educations and request the government to provide employment opportunities to us.”

He added, we no longer want war and destruction in our beloved homeland, Afghanistan. We want to join hands and rebuild our ruined country and don’t let enemies to invade and change our wounded country to battlefields of their proxy wars, make our brave nation wagaband.
He continued, we should learn from nature. When the new year advents and spring appears, the migrant birds return to their original nests and resume a new life.
Freshta Ahmadi a female youth expressing her opinion on the new year and new spring, said, we consider the new year as a glad tiding to a bright future of the new generation. Our people are optimist on return of a reliable peace. If reliable peace avails no youth would be concerned and they would be able to continue their higher educations.
Last year peace efforts were increased and 1398 solar year is expected to be a year of restoration of a reliable peace in Afghanistan.
Talking on the new year, Ms. Zarmina Haqjo Kakar said, we wish the new year would be a happy and prosperous year for our people and start it with new power and energy and hope it would heal wounds of our nation and give us glad tiding of a reliable peace.
Speaking on the new year and Nowruz festivities, Sadya Sayeed student of a private university said, Nowruz celebration is a historical, national and traditional occasion since long times in Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey and the central Asian countries. Our people celebrate it every year. We hope the new year would be a peaceful year and our people would witness an everlasting ceasefire.
Masouda Qarizada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.