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Youth can play outstanding role in ensuring peace, national unity and convergence: Deputy Minister for Youth

By: Qarizada

Youth are our future builders and can play basic role in development and progress of the country. The Kabul Times reporter has made an exclusive interview with MoIC Deputy for Youth Affairs, Ajmal Shahpoor on the role of youth in society and facilities provided by youth affairs deputy minister office and we draw attention of our dear readers to it:
At the outset Shahpoor said, youth affairs deputy minister office is working specifically for youth from the address of the government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
Youth constitute majority of Afghan society and are involved in working in different spheres. The Afghan government assures them that is beside them and supports them. I was appointed to this position eight months ago and have undertaken and launch numerous programs in Kabul and provinces to give awareness to youth.
He added, we covered volatile provinces with these programs too. We signed MoUs with civil society, 20 universities and higher or semi-higher institutes of education and introduced youth free of charge or with a discount to a number of private universities in the capital and provinces. Our awareness giving programs included law on drugs disadvantages, sport etc. Our main job is to create such a positive mentality with our youth because our enemies abuse current gaps and try to confuse our youth. We have branches in 34 provinces.
Talking on the role of youth in peace process, deputy minister Shahpoor said, we have undertaken certain programs on how to institutionalize peace in society.
For example: last year, we organized youth parliament in Herat with participation of youth from 34 provinces. The youth parliament approved a resolution on peace and we presented it to president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani. Beside that we had held meetings and seminars on peace, listened to youth opinions and concerns on peace and shared them with government leadership.
Touching the role of women in peace process he said, no doubt women have important role in peace process and in our all programs we have considered equal opportunities to women.
Talking on civil services and capacity building programs Shahpoor said, we had capacity building programs and introduced a number of youth to learning courses and introduced another number of trained youth to other departments as trainers and at the same time, held awareness giving seminars in these departments specially on compulsory marriages.
He added, Afghanistan is in a sensitive stage as the presidential election has just concluded. We hope the new year would be an encouraging year for youth. We believe that youth should play distinguished role in ensuring peace, national unity and solidarity of our people.
Talking on health branch, deputy minister Shahpoor said, we have a safety department that deals with health related issues and consult us. We are in contact with the MoPH. We have undertaken program on COVID-19 and have ordered our provincial departments to provide awareness compaign to youth through social media on the coronavirus.

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