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Yousuf’s family asks govt. for assistance

Two years had been passed since The Kabul Times former photojournalist Yousuf’s death, but the government officials have not assisted what they have promised to his family.
In an exclusive interview with The Kabul Times, late Yousuf’s wife said that they have not been assisted so far by the government officials.
Pointing at challenges they are facing, she said that we had plenty of problems, adding you know well it is very difficult to handle a family without a head.
“We vowed much money for Yousuf’s treatment and we have not been capable so far to pay that amount of money,” she went on to say.
There are six offspring left from Yousuf, one daughter and five sons. Three of his sons have continued their father’s profession and work in different media outlets.
“We live in a rental house. Unfortunately, due to financial problems, we have not paid the rent since four months and the house owner has already told us to find another house for yourself and leave here.” Yousuf’s wife said.
It is intolerable to see such a situation, I am jobless and cannot do anything to my offspring, I want them to continue their education, she stated.
“Unfortunately, the promises have been given to us by the ministry of information and culture and presidential officials have not been come into effect so far,” she added.
Deputy minister of information and culture on finance, administrative and tourism affairs Ms. Mojgan Mustafavi and the ministry’s head of publications Ms. Najiba Maram have done something for us, but the presidential delegations have not yet done anything to us, she further said.
The presidential delegation has vowed that they will assist us a house, but they have recently rejected to do so, saying the presidential office would assist house to families of those who have been martyred not journalists, according to her.
Q: Have you ever been assisted by journalists’ unions?
We have not been assisted by any journalists’ union so far, however, my husband Yusuf was the member of a journalists’ union, late Yousuf’s wife replied. According to her, attention should be paid to press family, asking the ministry of information and culture to recruit one of Yousuf’s sons instead of him. Yousuf was not only an experienced photojournalist at The Kabul Times daily but also to all Afghanistan’s press family. He had served 31 years in Afghanistan, during which he had witnessed much horrible incidents and challenges. But unfortunately, due to protracted illness he was suffering, he had passed away at the age of 56. May his soul rest in peace!

Shukria Kohistani

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