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Young writers reflect social short comings

There are many youth who make efforts to clear their destiny, reflect social problems. Zakaria Aosoli is one of these youth and in an interview with The Kabul Times reporter he said, after graduation from university, I have enrolled in a private university to receive my master degree in law in Kabul.
Due to my interest to writing, I decided to write few books on certain problems and shortages.
He added, as a student of law, and due to my strong enthusiasm to researches on law and history, I would like to express gratitude from all researchers, domestic and foreign writers that I have exploited their scientific works.
He went on to say, I should say that I have published all my academic works in a publishing mechanism with official permit NO of ISBN of the Copy Right branch, MoIC that include over 20 research articles and over 18 books which are available in most universities, scientific and research centers and social media including Afghanistan Data Center in Kabul university.
Talking on his new works undertaken recently, Aosoli said, this time I would like to research on the name of Afghanistan or any other title.
Touching his scientific research method, he said, I often use the method of library research, because in Afghanistan and every other place, this is a prospering method and is acceptable in academic environments in which moral rights of the author is preserved in it and references are written in foot notes.
Sheding light on his academic research sources and reference, he said, my academic research sources and reference have been divided to the following categories:
1- Use of domestic, foreign reputable academic sources.
2- Use of printed media (newspapers, weeklies, monthlies)
3- Use of research sites related to research field preserving the rights of writers.
4- Academic interviews with date and time.
Talking on his problems, he went on to say, two basic problems are ahead of me, first security problems and second political problems. So far I have tolerated every challenges and resisted as far as possible. I ask the Afghan government, international organizations and donors to adopt essential measures on security of researchers and publishers.
He added, in post-Taliban Afghanistan, effective works have taken place but are not sufficient, they are encouraging and we need more. Fundamental changes have taken place on educational institutions and today hundreds private higher educations institutions have been established and operating in the capital and provinces who educate students in different fields beside public institutions of higher educations and universities. Despite of exiting economic, security and political problems, people specially the young generations are enthusiastically rushing towards learning of knowledge. Sending a message to youth, he said, the goal of youth must be future development and progress of Afghanistan free from ethnic differences and discriminations for unity, solidarity and convergence of all ethnic groups for the sake of homeland prosperity merely.

Karima Malikzada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.