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Worth billions of dollars, Afghan properties left in Pakistan

Afghan families board into a bus to depart for their homeland, in Karachi, Pakistan, Friday, Oct. 6, 2023. Pakistan's government announced a major crackdown Tuesday on migrants in the country illegally, saying it would expel them starting next month and raising alarm among foreigners without documentation who include an estimated 1.7 million Afghans. (AP Photo/Fareed Khan)

The interim government of Pakistan has pushed for the forced deportation of Afghan refugees and their act is against all humanitarian and Islamic values! Pakistani police are raiding the homes of Afghan refugees, looting the migrants’ belongings and women’s jewelry and destroying their houses and camps with bulldozers. The images of the Pakistani police raids have been published on the social media as well as the images of the police who are robbing women’s boxes of jewelry in Afghan refugees’ camps in the neighboring country. The government of Pakistan has ignored all the recent call to stop the deportation of Afghan refugees at this inappropriate time. Pakistan has rejected the proposals of every country and every international organization, including the United Nations. The forced deportation and evacuation of Afghan refugees are underway. In the meantime, Pakistan has also closed the exit gates for Afghan refugees near the Durand Line and kept the refugees in camps where they are facing with lots of problems. The neighboring country is deporting Afghan refugees at a time when cold season of winter is arriving and their all properties, assets, goods and capital are left in Pakistan. Those Afghan refugees who have been deported from Pakistan in most recent days have raised their voices in the media and social media that their assets and businesses have all left in the neighboring country. Their homes of Afghans have been raided, their cash assets have been taken by force, and they were not allowed to take their movable assets, transportation equipment and animals. Officials of the AfghanistanPakistan Joint Chamber of Commerce say that Pakistan has seized more than 3 billion dollars of Afghan refugees’ capital. Chairman of the chamber, Khanjan Alokozay asked the Islamic Emirate to find ways to transfer this capital from Pakistan to Afghanistan. “Afghan refugees left their land here, their garden, their house, and their shop, and they fled Afghanistan. They have started businesses in Pakistan. Afghans not only paid extra rent, but they had thirty to thirty-five percent impact on their [Pakistan’s] economy,” Alokozay said. According to the sources, Afghan refugees had more than 400 factories in Pakistan. Meanwhile, Mawlawi Amir Khan Muttaqi, acting minister of foreign affairs of the Islamic Emirate has also complained about this in a meeting with the representative of the United Nations and asked for a solution to transfer the property and goods of the Afghan refugees from Pakistan to Afghanistan. “Pakistan police are raiding the homes of the Afghans who are being deported, taking their cash assets by force and not allowing them to take their movable assets, properties and animals,” Muttaqi said, adding that thousands of people are forced to wait in the cold under the open sky at night without any facilities and services due to unjustified reasons. On the other hand, Minister of Interior of Pakistan has promised that he will soon announce a mechanism for the transfer of cash and non-cash assets of Afghan refugees. He said that they would instruct the country’s police to treat the Afghan refugees with respect, adding that they would once again instruct their security agencies not to harass those Afghan refugees holding legal documents. This is at a time when the ongoing behavior of the Pakistani government towards the Afghan refugees is strongly condemned domestically and internationally. Last Thursday, Pakistan officially announced the beginning of the operation to evacuate Afghan refugees, and accordingly, the news of the country’s ill-treatment of Afghan refugees increased. Currently, Afghan refugees that have been deported from the country are facing with lots of problems. The Islamic Emirate is working day and night to provide all necessary facilities for the returnees in border areas. It is worth mentioning that more than 6,500 Afghan nationals left Pakistan through the Torkham border on Sunday, taking the number of repatriated Afghans to over 170,000. The voluntary evacuation has been going on since the Pakistan government gave an ultimatum to all unregistered foreign nationals to leave Pakistan by Oct 31, after which action would be taken against them as per law. According to Pakistani officials, a total of 174,358 Afghan refugees have left Pakistan for Afghanistan since Sept 17, adding that voluntary repatriation was still underway, but the number was dropping with each passing day. The Islamic Emirate recently allocated two billion afghanis to refugees returning from Pakistan. The officials of the Islamic Emirate emphasized that this fund was allocated for the purpose of providing shelter, food items and providing medical service to returnees. Mashal Noori

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