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Worldwide reactions on US President’s remarks on Afghanistan

By: Suraya Raiszada

Recently, US President Donald Trump has said that if I wanted to end war in Afghanistan, ten million people will get killed, a remark which followed with national and international reactions.
EU special envoy to Afghanistan has recently tweeted that when we think about Afghanistan, the ideas that come in our mind are reconstruction, protection and supporting Afghans and above all respect to all.
On US president’s recent remarks, EU special envoy to Afghanistan Roland Kobia said that we were thinking about how to rescue ten million Afghans from poverty and he assured of EU support from the people of Afghanistan.
This is while the lower house of the parliament said that US President should take care of his behavior with the people of Afghanistan, because, they have 5000 years of history and have defeated the strongest and greatest emperors.
Calling US president’s remarks in contrary with all international norms and regulations and Afghanistan-US bilateral security agreement, lawmakers asked US to stay like a strategic partner alongside Afghanistan. Leaders of the Afghan government have also asked for clarification on President Trump’s recent remarks.
President spokesperson Seddiq Seddiqi said that considering bilateral relations between the two countries, the government of Afghanistan asks for clarification by Washington through diplomatic channel in the respect.
According to the experts on international affairs, President Trump’s recent remarks have been of his lack of awareness about Afghanistan’s history, adding he has not properly studied the country’s history.
Deputy to the foreign ministry Edris Zamani has tweeted that Afghanistan would remain on the world’s political page.
Former advisor to Afghanistan’s national security council Dr. Rangin Dadfar Spanta said that US president’s remarks have been a political message and far from imagination, because, US is following peace talks on one hand and its president claimed they could wipe Afghanistan ‘off the face of the earth’, on the other.
Senate says that over the last seventeen years, US has failed to decrease the attacks of a few small groups in Afghanistan, as they are not only threatening Afghanistan but also the entire regional and world countries. A university student Maryam Mursal said on facebook that there was no need to kill ten million Afghans, but the US should not legitimate one-way negotiations with the Taliban. A Kabul resident Massoud Nawabi said that US has been a close partner of Afghanistan over the last eighteen years as their soldiers are present beside Afghan security forces.
People of Afghanistan want the US president to study about Afghanistan’s history, because, Afghans have always been brave and zealous people in the course of history.
This comes as US special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad has already held meetings with the government’s leaders on peace process. 

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