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World watching Gaza massacre by Zionist regime

A child walks at the site of an Israeli air strike on a house, as the conflict between Israel and Palestinian Islamist group Hamas continues, in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip, October 27, 2023. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem

The endless murdering of civilians and oppressed and defenseless people of Palestine by the Zionist and bloodthirsty regime of the Jewish state has been ongoing for over four months. However, in the contemporary era, the uncontrollable willingness to materialism and indulge in animal-like desires undoubtedly leads to the destruction of morals and ethics and human emotions and feelings since all the Western country’s leaders and global arrogant enjoy the brutal killing of breastfeeding infants and sick elderly who are in the state of life and death. However, the most tragic and baleful is that this unprecedented crime and oppression has been occurring for the Muslim Ummah, whom Islam addresses to adhere to brotherhood and get united to be most potent to demolish Islam’s enemies. For now, each Muslim should bend down and find out if such kind of Islam and being Muslim is acceptable to Allah the Almighty and such kind of Muslims relates to Islam. No, never. Claims of such Muslims and leaders are false and far from reality. One of the unforgettable crimes of the Muslim countries’ leaders is that they have surrounded the Ummah, divided their resources for themselves, and embezzled them for their benefit. Unfortunately, these influential figures prevent other Muslims and Mujahidin from going to Gaza and saving the lives of Muslims and innocent children. Mainly, the so-called Muslim countries’ leaders surrounding Palestine are the biggest criminals among over 2 billion Muslims since they show friendship to the wild and bloodthirsty Zionists, seek support from them instead of fighting the Jewish state, take action in retaliation, and support their Muslim brothers. There are sincere Mujahid among over 2 billion Muslims who are willing to invade the occupied land of Palatine, taking revenge for their Muslim brothers in Gaza. The 8 million Jews will not be saved if these Mujahidin and Muslim fighters are allowed or deployed to Palestine. Unfortunately, the so-calledMuslim rulers closed all the roads and ways toward Palestine in a way that even a bird couldn’t fly over it. If some food and water are transferred to Palestine, they will not be allowed and will be confiscated by the Jews instead. To conclude, all the Muslim Ummah have been witnessing the murder of their Muslim sisters and brothers with no action. The Gaza-oppressed populace is required to be saved and survived by the Ummah since resorting to silence against the widespread and unforgettable crimes of the Jewish state is a great sin for the Muslims, particularly the Muslim country’s rulers. Anyone who fears standing against the order of Allah the Almighty will never be silent. Therefore, any Muslim should take action to unite the Muslims and stabilize the Muslim countries as much as possible. Muqset

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.