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World still seeking excuse in interaction with IEA

As the Acting Foreign Minister of the Islamic Emirate MawlaviAmir Khan Muttaqi during a meeting with the Norwegian charge‘ d‘affairs to Afghanistan, Mr. Paul Klouman Bekken, said the world has not yet started a positive and constructive engagement with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, while the Islamic Emirate has emphasized that it always wanted and was committed to have positive and constructive interaction based on mutual interests with the world countries. The international community instead of making constructive engagement and recognition of the IEA, by making some reasons for itself has always connected some reforms and internal affairs of the country in the recognition of the Islamic Emirate as legitimate government and increased sanctions and pressure that laid negative impacts on the people’s minds. If the world wants to help the war-torn and poverty stricken people of Afghanistan, instead of imposing sanctions on the current system, as well as inflicting restrictions on the high-ranking officials of the Islamic Emirate should step towards releasing of foreign assets of Afghanistan, removing of sanctions and restrictions from the incumbent system and recognition of the IEA as a legal government. Based on the recent development and eye-catching achievements of the Islamic Emirate in various field comparing to the past 20 years, as countrywide security has been ensured, the Afghani currency has also kept its value stable among the currencies of the regional countries. Significant measures have been made against cultivation and trafficking of drugs as well as against terrorist groups activities inside Afghanistan. Human condition has been improved, national revenues have considerably increased, a considerable number of women have been employed in the private sectors, significant transparency has been observed in all government institutions, as well as the most important issue is this that the salaries of government’s employees are paid from the domestic revenues. It is maybe clear to the international community that there is an urgent need towards making productive interaction and opening of a new door based on mutual benefits with the Islamic Emirate, because the history has shown that the language of pressure has had not positive results and will not work and just has worsen the situation and affected ordinary Afghans. By releasing of various statements the west and the international community have always claimed that they are standing alongside the Afghans and if they are really honest on their word and think about the people of Afghanistan, instead of spreading rumors, propaganda and encouraging of corrupt officials of the previous governments against the Islamic Emirate, it will be better that the they open a door of interaction and resolve all the relevant issues through the diplomatic channels with the Islamic Emirate, otherwise by passing of each days the situation will worsen and some created opportunities will also be lost.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.