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World shouldn’t watch Taliban’s human rights violations

In the areas under their control, beside destruction of public utility installations,Taliban militants have enforced hard laws and resort to such actions which are frankly violation of human rights. One of these anti human rights actions which is commonly committed by Taliban unscrupulous militants is Kangaroo courts, murder and execution of civilians.
Based on information of Afghan security sources, Taliban militants, have taken out over one hundred civilians from their homes only in Spin Boldak district, Kandahar province and executed them. Addressing a press conference in Kabul on Monday spokesman of ANDSF Omar Shinwaray said, following occupation of Spin Boldak, the Taliban militants captured 400 civilians and out of that executed 100 people. Taliban also committed similar crimes in other districts of Kandahar province.
Recently a video was displayed by social media that shown that Taliban armed men arrested Nazar Mohammad known as “Khasha Jawan”, a prominent comedian in Dand district, torturing and then mercilessly murdered him.
Taliban armed men continue inhuman crimes in other areas under their control. Numerous reports have been published from northern provinces of Afghanistan that indicate Taliban atrocities and anti-Islamic approach with local people.
In the areas under their domination, Taliban’s approach with people are like their slaves. Other Taliban crimes include Kangaroo court, cutting of body limbs, compulsory relocation, compulsory marriage with women and girls, torture and insulting of people. Taliban actions are indeed an objective testimony of crimes against humanity.
Taliban inhuman activities in certain districts indicate that their militants have open hand in murder, plundering, torture and disgracing the people and commit crimes with no concern on prosecution, take video from their crimes and released them.
Now it is upon domestic and external human rights watches to break their silence and strongly protest and condemn the crimes committed by Taliban against the Afghan people.
Whenever an inhuman action is committed in a developed country, strong and vast protests are held. For instance, murder of a US black citizen George Floyd by an American police officer shocked the American society from the bottom to the top and caused extensive demonstrations not only inside the US but in many other territories.
While everyday tens of crimes against humanity and worse than George Floyd murder are taking place by Taliban in different parts of Afghanistan, no one slightly reacts as if Afghanistan is not a member of the world community, and its people are living in another planet.
Now, it is necessary to document Taliban’s inhuman crimes, handed over to international responsible bodies. Afghan media and human rights watches should never ignore Taliban’s inhuman activities simply, should divulge their crimes and inhuman actions and the essence and nature of this criminal faction should be screened to the world people.
Those countries and superpowers who have reached understanding with Taliban and gave prestige and political reputation to them, must be accountable for their actions and unforgivable mistakes.
The leaders and representatives of those countries who are involved in Afghan war and peace, must be accountable to their people and relevant human rights bodies, they should response to this question why and how they have compromised with mercenary Taliban, a proxy army of a certain regional country and their inhuman actions are frankly.


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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.