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World should not ignore IEA’s achievements for recognition

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has done its best to restore security, uproot corruption and bring about a positive change in the country’s social and cultural situation and ensure a new chapter in relations with the world.
Likewise, the IEA has fulfilled all recognition for requirements, but neither the Islamic system nor the people of Afghanistan want foreign-style government to be imposed on them.
Schools doors are now opened for both boys and girls and women are still receiving their salaries all over the government administrations.
As the country’s acting Foreign Minister said the key requirements helping a system to be recognized is a need for having the country’s border in control, people and security. The IEA has all these and moreover, it has fulfilled the requirements for recognition.
Meanwhile, the renewal of the UNAMA mandate by the UN Security Council shows that the international community wants more powerful engagement with Afghanistan.
The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Flippo Grandi, who recently visited Afghanistan, said that the war in Ukraine should not drag the attention of the international community away from Afghanistan. “I have to say that we have come up with a number of very concrete options, concrete projects, and we will need international support for that,” he said.
So, the international community should not ignore the achievements made by IEA over the last seven months, following the political change.
On the other hand, there is no humanitarian crisis tougher than before, while the IEA is making effort to address by itself as the Afghans cannot rely on foreign aids in the long-term, by creating employment and jobs for thousands of Afghans and help them avoid leaving the country.
Also, the people of Afghanistan have to fulfil their religious and national obligations to cooperate with their government in the implementation of important economic, social, cultural and development plans.
The people of Afghanistan should judge based on realities and decide on realities, as an empty slogan of some certain individuals, on human rights or freedom of expression, will do nothing except misunderstandings and damaging public minds.

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Muhib March 22, 2022 at 7:15 am

recognition for requirements or requirements for recognition. I think this part needs to be corrected.

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