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World should not fear of Afghanistan’s stability, development

With the Islamic Emirate (IEA) takeover, the 40-year tragedy of Afghanistan has ended, the territorial integrity has been guaranteed, the country’s division plan and vision have spoiled, the hands of foreigners have been cut, the world and region’s long-term plans and conspiracies against Afghanistan spoiled, the eyes of those greedy for the country’s natural resources have been filled with dirt, all ethnic, religious and language gaps among the people of Afghanistan have ended and finally overall peace and independence have been maintained across the country. With all the above developments, the world is still ignoring the facts and does not want to accept the realities in the ground, instead they are trying to go ahead with increasing accusations to compensate for their lost goals. Every day, various organizations and institutions make baseless claims and accusations against the Islamic Emirate, and almost all of them can never be confirmed; By making baseless accusations and claims, the arrogant forces want to present the region and the world the wrong picture of the ongoing situation in Afghanistan. The current powerful and central government of Afghanistan has accelerated its work towards permanent stability and building the country. The world and regional countries should not fear of Afghanistan’s stability and economic development as a developed and stable Afghanistan is also benefiting the world and region. The country’s geographical location and mass natural resources are considered as significant for the economical development of not only Afghanistan but also the region. The neighboring and regional countries are needed to support and cooperation with the Islamic Emirate to help Afghanistan reach permanent stability. They should not exert pressure, make baseless accusation and claim as instability in Afghanistan is not in the benefit of the world and region. Abo Sufia

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.