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World should avoid anguishing Afghans anymore

The people of Afghanistan have long suffered war and insecurity, destruction and ruins, poverty, and destituteness and are in dire need of sympathy, compassion and kindness instead of further pain and suffering. Last week, the UN Secretary-General, during his speeches, spoke about what he said was the worst situation, insecurity and troubles in Afghanistan. In the report, he read during his speech, the UN Secretary-General pointed to what he described about seven million people internally displaced and were forced out of their homes due to attacks by the so-called Islamic State militants in some parts of the country, while he mentioned millions others to have left their home due to poverty and unemployment. About poverty, particularly, he said most Afghans go to be hungry every night. This is clear that when the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate Zabihullah Mujahid asked the UNAMA for reflecting realities in Afghanistan, he meant that malicious groups are still trying to launch propaganda falsely portraying the situation of the country and ignoring the positive and the most important achievements of the current system after its resumption of power nearly three years ago. In any of its reports, the international community wants to describe the Afghanistan situation as harsh and sad and to present a negative picture of Afghanistan, which no one has heard or seen in any part of the world. Some people of low knowledge and weak-minded individuals, particularly, those seeking enmity with the Islamic system, consider such reports correct and based on a real feeling and sympathy, especially when they hear it from the top UN official, while the majority of Afghans who are illiterate also firmly believe that these reports are false, biased and far from reality. But, most people know very well the hidden and visible motives of those who are trying to help Afghans. Some malicious groups, under the name of aid agencies, are still working for some certain Western and European countries who are undeniably seeking excuses against the legal system, which is now struggling for the welfare and prosperity of the people as the former regimes’ members only filled their pockets with the public properties. On the other hand, the international community knows that what is going on in Afghanistan is satisfactory, security is sure, peace is restored, tribes are united, people can travel peacefully to any part of the country and a hardworking system is now serving the people. So, the international community should do its best to react to Afghanistan’s situation based on realities and accurate reports about the achievements of the ruling Islamic system, stick to their own biased work and not listen to those who are not optimistic about the future of the Afghans as well as avoid misunderstandings coming from malicious groups which are acting against the current government.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.