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World, regional consensus can help troubleshoot Afghanistan’s peace stalemate

Calling world and regional powers’ role effective in Afghan war and peace process, the political experts suggest that the government of Afghanistan should independently and secretly set around negotiation table with the Taliban.
However, the Afghan war have regional and international dimensions and the regional countries should consider Afghanistan’s view in peace process.
There is no doubt that as a regional power, Russia plays effective role in Afghan peace negotiations.
Russia in coordination with Pakistan, Qatar and China office can play key role in this respect.
The government of Afghanistan wants that Moscow summit to be jointly held with Afghanistan and Russia governments’ management.
As the owner of this land, the government of Afghanistan can independently and secretly negotiate with the Taliban.
At the same time, through Russia, U.S. and other regional and world countries can help the process as well.
Saudi Arabia, US and Russia roles,
Saudi Arabia have financially and politically supported Pakistan to support the Taliban since long, as Islamabad has been annually assisted with huge amount of money to help the Taliban.
Recently, Saudi Arabia changed its policy with the world and region. The new Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia is making effort to invest in moderate parties instead of supporting Takfiri and Wahabi groups.
Iran and Qatar are two rivals and even enemies of Saudi Arabia.
Qatar has provided the Taliban with a political shelter and Iran is also in contact with them.
In fact, changing Saudi Arabia’s stance on Taliban can be reckoned a key step toward Afghan peace process.
US has been opposed of Moscow summit since the beginning and called it a way to deviate the reconciliation process.
Therefore, US is seen to be making effort to continue peace negotiations, that is why, Zlamai Khalilzad has been selected as its special representative to ensure peace and stability in Afghanistan and the region.
Russia’s foreign ministry has earlier stressed that the ground is prepared to immediately hold a national reconciliation process to end war in Afghanistan.
The government of Afghanistan won’t be able to ensure peace unless it can satisfy the US and Russia to put aside the tensions and have same opinions in the respect.

If Russia can satisfy the US to attend Moscow summit, there is no doubt the meeting would follow with positive impacts.
Thus, the people of Afghanistan ask the world and regional countries to pressure the Taliban so they directly enter peace dialogue and the domestic issues to be solved by Afghans themselves.
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