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World recognized Afghans freedom-fighters not terrorists

Few days ago, U.S. President Donald Trump called Russian’s invasion and occupation of Afghanistan a right plan, he believed, it was made to prevent terrorists’ infiltration into the former Soviet Union.
Chairing a cabinet meeting, Trump said: “The reason Russia was in Afghanistan was because terrorists were going into Russia. They were right to be there. The problem is, it was a tough fight.”
President Trump’s recent comments has not only harmed the long anti-terrorisms plans of the world, particularly, the then American systems firm counter-terrorist finance, which resulted in the full withdrawal of the former Red Army troops from the country, a pullout, the UN and the international community in general signed at that time.
As a close partner of Afghanistan and key stakeholder in the Afghans’ cases, President Donald Trump’s recent remarks is against the two countries diplomatic relations, and decades-long joint counter-terrorist programs.
U.S. has long cooperated with the Afghans in various fields, particularly in war on terror and American mentors are still stationed in Afghanistan to support, train and advise local forces, to how could overcome regional and international terrorists and eliminate their hideouts.
The remarks has also marked a split with the U.S. conservatives dating back to President Ronald Reagan who aided the people of Afghanistan to fight the invasion, as he saw it an attempt to spread communism worldwide.
Everyone knows that war by the former Soviet Union in Afghanistan, was an invasion and an attempt of occupation, while from the Afghans side, it was a national uprising for freedom of the country.
Earlier Donald Trump made a sudden announcement of pulling out at least half its up to 14,000 troops from Afghanistan, as it ignored an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace talks with the government armed opposition, especially the Taliban, as the key anti-system fighters.
The irresponsible comments also raised anger among the Afghan people, particularly the government
Russia invasion, as the Press Office of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in a statement, denouncing the remarks and describing the battle against the Soviets as a “national uprising for gaining freedom,” was internationally condemned, particularly by the United Nations and United States at that time.
“All American presidents not only denounced this invasion but remained supporters of the anti-Russia invasion holy jihad of the people of Afghanistan,” the statement said.
Indeed, Russia wanted to remain as a Soviet Union, but its invasion of Afghanistan made it return to Russia only. This doesn’t mean that it was fighting terror, because the Afghans have been fighting for their own country’s freedom, not planning to influence into Russia.
The entire world countries, at that time recognized Afghans, freedom-fighters including the US and aided them until the overthrow of the last Soviet Union supported regime in their country. The Afghans are eying the U.S. to continue remaining a close Afghan partner, rather to resort to such irresponsible remarks that may disturb the public minds and harms relations between the two nations.

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