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World must put aside hostility, support Afghan nation

Although Afghanistan stands as a war-ridden country, put an end to the war and chaos three years ago, and has achieved a fully Islamic government and better security and peace, it still has been facing many challenges in some areas. Therefore, the international community and powerful countries must cooperate with Afghanistan in this regard and not forget the Afghan people. Currently, Afghanistan is grappling with major challenges of flooding and destruction, which resulted in the martyring and injuring the people. In recent weeks, flash floods occurred in numerous provinces of Afghanistan, claiming hundreds of lives and causing extensive damage, inflicting irreparable blows on the poor and helpless people of Afghanistan. The deaths of many people, the destruction of thousands of homes, and the demolition of farmlands and agricultural lands are all damages that have burdened this poor nation and brought about a major problem. The world, countries, and aid organizations should not be indifferent in this regard and should consider the suffering of the needy people of Afghanistan, particularly the flood-affected people and the injured in recent days. Such organizations and relief agencies should not hesitate to cooperate and collaborate with them in any humanitarian manner since the injured are often in very dire and dangerous situations. The flood-affected people, particularly the children and homeless women these days and nights are facing a dire situation. Furthermore, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the ruling government in the country, also has not yet been officially recognized by the international community and the most powerful countries in the world. The citizens of Afghanistan are calling on the international community and individual nations to recognize the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Specifically, they emphasize the importance of America in unfreezing Afghanistan’s assets, putting aside hostilities, and being ready to engage with both the Afghan government and its people in a cooperative manner rather than through conflict.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.