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World! It’s time to “bend your fingers”

The current situation in Afghanistan is dire. The country is facing a humanitarian crisis, with millions of people in need of food, water, and shelter. The economy is in shambles, and the government is struggling to maintain control. In this context, it is understandable that the international community would be reluctant to engage with the new government in Afghanistan. However, this reluctance is only making the situation worse. The new government in Afghanistan is not perfect. However, it is the only government that currently exists in the country. And, it is better to work with this government, imperfect though it may be, than to continue to impose sanctions that are only hurting the Afghan people. When we use words like flexibility, adaptability or compatibility, we mean it for both sides. However, when dealing with Afghanistan, the opposite side should never ask more than it can provide. Afghanistan is a different and difficult country. Brain drain still keeps happening; droughts and floods and earthquakes in different parts of the country, one after another and the efforts to have control it is still a challenge for the current system; sever poverty and unending joblessness have deprived it of power it needs to drive itself and its inhabitants; and above all these, the overwhelming hopelessness and dreamlessness of a bright future have bitterly and unprecedentedly challenged its psychological state of being The current scenario of Afghanistan has two sides and one passive poor thing in-between dependent on the decisions of these two sides, knowing nothing what their decisions will be regarding it. On one side, there is this new government, IEA, which says to have eradicated many misfortunes and to have prevented much greater adversaries; constantly reminding the world and its public the favor to have brought peace in the country, but is peace any good without prosperity and happiness? On the other side, there is this world, now divided independent of continents or geographical considerations, to include three types of countries First World, Second World, and then there are the Third World countries. Apparently, it looks like the division is in favor of the world people, but shouldn’t we ask whether it is so? Is its underlying philosophy the same implemented in class rooms where three top students get first, second and third position to make them example for other students to work hard and be motivated for competition? Obviously, it is not. Currently, the third world countries have become a template or milestone which the second world countries or developing countries are desperately trying to achieve by any cost. The fun fact is that developing countries are blind in their pursuit of the achievement, but the third world countries are not blind as they see their prosperity in exploitation of the third world countries through and under different names such as human rights, The Herat-Khaf railway line was inaugurated with the participation of several high-ranking officials from Afghanistan and Iran on Tuesday. The head of Afghanistan Railway Authority, Mawlavi Bakht-ur Rahman Sharafat, termed the opening of this line important in terms of developing economic cooperation between the two countries, adding that through this line Afghanistan will be connected to Chah Bahar port and through that to India. In the ceremony, governor of Herat, Mawlana Noor Ahmad Islamjar, said that the start of the railway line would expand the country’s trade between the two countries, calling the Herat- Khaf railway line an indication of the strong bond of friendship between Opening Herat-Khaf railway to boost trade between Iran & Afghanistan the two nations of Afghanistan and Iran and stated that the local administration of Herat would spare no efforts in protecting the Herat-Khaf railway line. Meanwhile, Yaqoob Ali Nazari, the governor of Iran’s Khorasan Razavi, said that this railway line was the beginning of more economic cooperation between the two countries and could be a bridge between East and West Asia. The ceremony was also attended by the Islamic Emirate spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid. Pointing to important of the railway line, Mujahid assured that small issues would never cause division between the two countries. The Herat-Khaf railway line that was officially inaugurated this week will boost trade between Iran and Afghanistan. It is a 225km-long cross-border railway line between Iran and Afghanistan, linking eastern Iran to western Afghanistan. It is one of the significant infrastructure projects managed and completed by the Railways of the neighboring Iran and Afghanistan Railway Authority (ARA). Afghanistan can be also connected to India through Chabahar port in the trade agreement with Iran through the respective railway line. The construction of the Khaf-Herat line, which is part of the Iran-Afghanistan rail corridor, began in 2007. The Khaf-Herat line is a single-track standard-gauge railway with a track gauge of 1,435mm and heads south from Khaf and proceeds east, across a rugged and arid landscape. The maximum speed is expected to be 120km/h for freight trains and 160km/h for passenger trains, while the axle load is up to 25t. The new railway line will improve passenger transportation as well as export and import of goods between the two countries. It will also boost trade between the two countries and play strategic role as it links the country to Europe. The new link will transport one million passengers a year between the two countries and more than six million tonnes of goods a year. Samiullah Momand inclusive government, rights to freedom or speech, and all the rest. Afghanistan is currently facing the situation, because of the first-world made standards for the third world countries. First, the United States froze its national assets driving the country to its worst economic conditions. Second, the unwillingness of the countries to recognize the new system as a legitimate government. Adding to this, with the second world countries being busy in pursuit of the milestones and the world being careless about that ordinary Afghan which is fighting so much adversaries with nothing in hands, the country is under a regime which equally does not heed what the world wants or what its general public need. This situation can and will go forever if required and essential steps not taken by the new government and the world. The fact that the whole country is under control of the new government is as undeniable as the fact that the new government will never compromise on the values and principles they call to be of pure Islamic nature. In such a case would it be wise, by continuing the imposed sanctions, to worsen the situation and weaken the country and its people and depriving a whole nation of basic physical rights? Would it not be more practical to end what will never bear any fruit and shift the course by bending the fingers, as the famous saying goes, “if you can’t wrap hand around the oil jar, bend your fingers.” RS. Faraz

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