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World instead of pressure, sanctions, should interact with IEA: Shaheen

DOHA: The Islamic Emirate Permanent Rep-designated to UN and Head of Political Office in Doha Suhail Shaheen said on Saturday that the IEA based on its foreign policy, has always been committed to positive engagement with the world and the world also instead of pressure and restrictions should have positive interaction with IEA. Shaheen in his recent statement once again asked the United Nations Security Council to refrain from imposing pressure and sanctions on the Islamic Emirate and resolve the ongoing challenges and issues through the diplomatic channels, according to the statement. He further said that the Islamic Emirate has completed all recognition requirements and conditions, therefore; all world governments have to recognize the Islamic Emirate and ensure firm political engagement with the Islamic Emirate, via diplomatic and economic channels, as any step taken in this field would be in the interest of both sides. On the other hand, Afghanistan, under the Islamic system has met all conditions, lodged in the Doha peace agreement, including preventing any threats felt from the country towards any other nations including, neighbors, region and the world as a whole. The Kabul Times

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.