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World Health Day marked in Kabul

KABUL: Afghan Ministry of Public Health, the other day, commemorated the International Health Day (WHD) that falls on April 7 annually.
The main theme of the event which was held at the Malalay High School, was “health for all by all” the main aim of which, Afghanistan Minister of Public Health Firuzddin Firuz said was a universal health coverage.
“Any part of the society need health services and we have to cover them in the remotest areas of the country; regardless of the tribe, language and religion,” said Firuz at the meeting organized at the Malalay High School.
With the efforts of the Ministry of Public Health, 85 percent of the country’s population by walking only one hour, while 15 percent by walking two hours away, has access to health service centers, according to the minister.
The minister described rising awareness of the people about the culture of using hygienic foods and improving nutritional status among students, especially children, as another tip of the event.
He called the comprehensive cooperation from all sectors, particularly ministries of education and information and culture as well as the mass media and civil society very effective in this regard.
Minister of Education, Mirwais Balkhi also spoke on the occasion and said that his ministry in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Health has on hand a health program expected to be launched within the country’s school curriculum in the near future.
Mortality rate among children has dropped by 44 percent, while mother death has fallen by 19 percent, after the ministry extended an extensive health services all over the country.
Three decades of war have laid devastating impacts on the health sector in Afghanistan. In 2002, only 9 percent of people had access to health services but the health centers accessibility has increased to 60 percent and 90 percent respectively by one hour and two hour walk by 2016, according to official statistics.
Only 5 U.S. dollars has been allocated for one Afghan to access health services each year, the lowest sum compared to other countries.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.