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World Earth Day 2022: thanksgiving to universe and nature

All the beautiful views of nature, its freshness, and greenery, especially in these days of spring when the earth experiences the conception of freshness and takes enough water to quench its thirst of dryness are dedications provided by nature.
Allah says in the Holy Quran:
“It is Allah Who has made the earth a safe and peaceful place for human life and has painted the sky like a roof and numbers and created your look”. Ghafir verse- (64)
But there is another painful story that the earth has been suffered by humans, that is, the environmental pollution threatening human beings life.
The holy religion of Islam, by presenting its invigorating instructions from the beginning of its emergence, ordered human beings , especially its followers, to strive for purity and protection of their environment, even it was not enough, and considered cleanliness as a part of faith. But with the passage of time, the attachment of human beings to the possessions of the world made them careless and crossed all the boundaries for comfort and convenience on the earth.
Finally, what will a human being win if he affects the earth himself by becoming a threat to it.
To rescue and preserve human beings and their living environment, John McConnell, son of a religious scholar with interest in science, and peace, came up with the idea of celebrating a day called World Earth Day, which has been celebrated every year on April 22 to remind those living here not to forget about the importance of this planet.
It’s is human being who are affected first due to lack of attention to earth and environment. The clean earth and attention results into the health and well-being of its inhabitants.
The climate of nature, which is shaped in different ways in each season of the year, has been enjoyable, which shows the power of the unique essence.
Therefore, it is necessary for us to protect the divine blessings and avoid the chronic and dangerous futures in preserving the earth, and maintaining and protecting the earth and its healthy environment as it deserves.
Mosouda Qarizada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.