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Workshop on gender awareness ends

KABUL: Workshop on gender awareness to analyze obstacles in working environment for women held in cooperation with USAID’s Promote and initiative of department of gender for ministry of information and culture ended the other day. At the beginning of the workshop, head of gender department for MoIC spoke and said one of key causes of lack of policies and necessary regulations are cultural issues that have resulted in limitation of employment of women in the government organs. “Current structural, social and cultural obstacles in government institutions have caused that women cannot promote to higher posts,” Mahbooba Sadat, director of gender for MoIC said, adding we witness increasing problems facing women in the country although there are lots of government and non-government organizations founded to support and defend the rights of the women in the country.
Sadat further said that other causes that have prevented women from working in government institutions were cultural issues and tribal issues as well as law-making and execution of laws in the country where there were still discrimination and violence against women despite that there were numerous conventions and laws to address discrimination against women.
Such workshops on gender and awareness have been also held by the ministry of information and culture with cooperation of other government and non-government institutions in Kabul to increase awareness in connection with gender equality in government institutions.
It is worth mentioning that Promote is a five-year program targeting the education, promotion, and training of Afghan women. Promote strengthens women’s participation in civil society, boosts female participation in the economy, increases the number of women in decision-making positions within the Afghan government, and helps women gain business and management skills.
Karima Malikzada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.