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Work to resume on semi-constructed projects as fund providers return under sure security

Dozens of projects would be paid by the World Bank and completed prevailing sure security after the resumption of power by the Islamic Emirate two years ago. The payment for some projects had been suspended following the collapse of the previous government and expected to be completed by April 2024, as the World Bank authorities negotiated with the related Afghan officials. The payment, as a credible source from the Islamic Emirate assured, will include CASA-1000 as well. “As the result of two-year negotiations with the World Bank officials, they became interested in engaging and resuming their incomplete projects and payments for 45 projects, including CASA-1000, by April 2024,” according to the country’s Ministry of Finance. The World Bank had stopped over $4.5 million worth of projects in Afghanistan after the Islamic Emirate’s takeover of the country. The resumption of the World Bank-funded projects will help Afghanistan’s economy grow as security has become nationwide. The bank’s conducted projects included the construction of roads, health facilities, energy, and agriculture schemes as in the health sector, the bank would run the best projects, including hospitals and clinics. The Islamic Emirate should also provide the conditions for other organizations like the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to resume operations in Afghanistan. This is clear that the resumption of projects by the World Bank indicates that the relations between the Islamic Emirate and the world have become better and hope rises that the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and USAID will also return and resume work in Afghanistan. All what is happening positive in Afghanistan, is the result of sure security, transparency of programs and honesty of the related organs after the Islamic system restoration in the country. Let’s work together with our Islamic government to further strengthen security in the country and institutionalize transparency in the projects to encourage more engagement from the world and draw more aid organizations and more investment to our poverty-stricken nation.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.