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Words not enough to show will for peace

Since last four decades, Afghanistan has been witnessing proxy war that have always been imposed by external factors, however Afghans have paid for them with immense sacrifices.
Recently a number of regional and world countries have issued warnings over increasing migration from Afghanistan to neighboring and European countries due to Taliban’s insurgency and bloodshed campaign.
The countries in the region have also raised their voices for any possible civil war in Afghanistan, however they have not taken any steps for restoration of peace and stability in the war-torn country, but hosting Taliban in a bid to show their influence on the group.
If these countries, particularly Pakistan have a determination to end war in Afghanistan, then should reduce violence with practical mediation between the warring parties. Pakistan is hosting Taliban leaders and their families as well as logistically supporst the group’s fight against Afghans, therefore it has strong influence to push Taliban for lasting ceasefire in the country.
Meanwhile, the terror group’s recent approach and intensification of violence have closed all doors for peace in the country and showed that they have never believed on peaceful settlement of ongoing war. Although Taliban have time and again said that they have will for peace, but their practical approach was totally against their words.
The recent attacks on Qala-e-Naw, the provincial capital of western Badghis province and attack on Kandahar city were contrary to Taliban’s Doha peace agreement with US. The group’s assertions that these attacks were accidental and took place at the request of residents of those provinces, are untrue and beyond imagination. They have assassinated a number of religious and local elders, deliberately killed women and children, shut media operations and totally imposed ban on social activities in their held territories.
The Taliban delegation in Iran, Moscow and Doha meetings have also blamed Afghan government for lack of commitment to lasting peace, which was only to influence public mentalities and draw attention of regional and the world countries, but whether they have noticed today’s popular uprisings and mobilization against the terror and in support of the Afghan forces as well as the republic? For sure Afghans took arm to deny Taliban’s so-called emirate and their takeover of the country.
Previously, all the participants of the peace consultative Loya Jirgas, who had represented the 34 provinces of Afghanistan, were in favor of beginning of intra-Afghan negotiations, setting up of ceasefire, ensuring of a fair nationwide peace in the country, but Taliban rejected the Afghan masses call for peace and expanded their militancy only to destabilize the country, destroy public infrastructures and put the country back into civil war.
Meanwhile instead of finding a logical solution to end the decades-long war and suffering of the Afghan masses, the Taliban during their foreign trips, committing that there would be no threats to the regional countries, but they never issued any statement in support of their people and country.
There is still opportunity for Taliban to seek a peaceful settlement of the ongoing issue, not in word but in action and they should prove that are in favor of a nationwide and just peace in the country. Otherwise their repeated words without any practical move, won’t cure the wounds of Afghan people, but definitely add to their miseries.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.