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Women’s increasing role in peace, political affairs essential

Afghanistan will reach peace and stability as well as would effectively implement the development projects, if women are allowed to participate in different spheres of life and take part in key processes. They should have a say in decision-making processes in different social, political and religious institutions.
Involving the women within different processes is of immense important because of the fact that they have the potentials to bring about important changes. Their ways of thinking differ and mostly revolve around peace, tranquility and stability. They do not favor instability and war because it has influenced them in the most drastic manner for the last four decades.
Women have been the victims of extreme violence and injustice. Different sorts of discrimination have been carried out against them and they have suffered an imbalanced role and status. This has further influenced the institution of family and the matters of the society as a whole. 
Every future change in constitution would be made based on mechanism which is already provided by the constitution, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has said according to Presidential Statement on Sunday.
Addressing women gathering on national consensus for peace which was organized by the office of the first lady and National Security Council here on Sunday, President Ghani ordered National Security Council Advisor Hamdullah Mohib to increase women participation in provincial peace consultative committees in comparison to the center. “It is important to adopt nation-wide approach in peace process,” he said.
The president said: “Our national integration is key to our unity and women’s role in this regard is vital and valuable.”
President Ghani went on saying that youth should be provided the opportunity to enter government institutions on the bases of their talent and abilities, adding that fortunately the Independent Civil Services and Administrative Reform Commission (ICSARC) hired 22,000 youth through open competition at government institutions.
As Afghanistan is passing through a very crucial juncture, it is really vital that the women should be made an integral part of peace building measures. They should have a role not only in different development activities but also a central role in any sort of peace process that may be pursued.
The government, influential leaders, political parties should increase the political participation of women because where women are at the same table with men, inevitably there is greater stability, greater progress and greater chance to translate dreams to reality and push the country towards equality and prosperity because women are the driving force behind every success story.
Undoubtedly women are an influential and inspiring class of our society. They are source of change and shining examples of diligence and endurance who are able to push the country towards development. Their productive abilities, skills and participation should be cherished and utilized at all levels, and chiefly in politics and civil society due to many factors.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.