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Women’s handicraft exhibition from 10 provinces held in Herat

The exhibition of business women’s handicrafts from ten provinces of the country was held in Herat. These handicrafts and women’s productions have been exhibited in 90 stalls for three days to be showcased to the public. “We are happy that exhibitions like this are held to promote and encourage women, as it serves as a service to society,” said Freshta Eshaqzai. Meanwhile, female entrepreneurs are calling for government support for their businesses and the creation of opportunities for exporting their handicrafts abroad. “People don’t have a good economic situation to come and make purchases. There is more demand mainly for consumables such as food and clothing,” said Sadeqa Sadeqyar, a businesswoman. Women and girls from the provinces of Herat, Kabul, Kandahar, Balkh, Nangarhar, Farah, Badghis, Nimruz, Ghazni, and Kapisa have participated in this exhibition with the hope of marketing and encouraging people to use domestic products. At the same time, in a separate exhibition, the products of industrial factories from ten provinces of the country were showcased in 42 stalls. “The culture of domestic production should prevail among the entire nation,” said Fareed Ahmad Naderi, a businessperson. “This is a great and positive step towards the growth of domestic production,” said Najibullah Maqsoudi, another businessperson. Officials from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce assure of support by the government leadership to the commercial activities of women and girls in the country. “We have always raised tariffs on similar goods so that no one can imported similar products and our domestic production can be utilized,” said Mohammad Zubair Din Parvar, the head of Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. Over the past year, the business activities of women and girl entrepreneurs in the country have once again flourished, and some female entrepreneurs have provided employment opportunities for hundreds of women and girls by establishing workshops and small companies. On the other hand, the citizens ask the government and traders that the quality of domestic products should be increased and the industrialists should try to improve the quality of their products. Based on the statements made by officials in the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, a database has been created to prevent the production of lowquality products. Saida Ahmadi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.