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Women’s education ban not permanent

The acting Minister of Higher Education of the Islamic Emirate has recently released an order issued by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Emirate banning women education and universities’ closure all over the country.
Based on recent cabinet’s decree and signature of minister of higher education, all public and private universities across the country have been closed to female students until further notice. Following the announcement, the issue went viral in social media and changed to a hot topic for radio and TV channels.
The acting minister considered failure of female students to observe hijab, somehow continuation of unlawful coeducation, problems in curriculum and some faculties for the female students and their accommodation and their travel from one province to another without their male companion were among a range of problems, he said to be behind universities’ closure to women.
Though, the plan by the ministry to ban women’s education, followed strong reactions at the national and international levels, the ministry denied if the ban was permanent.
Some religious scholars also called the ban harmless for the country’s society and asked the IEA to reopen all education centers for the female students.
In reaction to the issue, acting minister of higher education in an interview outlined the four problems for the closure of higher education institutions to female students in the country and added that efforts were underway to address the problems.
Some countries, maliciously reacted against the ban order which is not permanent but temporal. Like before, all these reactions from some countries could be called another intervention in the internal affairs of the country.
There is no need for decision about the fate of the country’s women education, as the Islamic Emirate has its own religious scholars and can decide about.
As mentioned, the ban on women’s education is not permanent and the issue would be discussed with the religious acholars of the country and would be met duly.
The Islamic Emirate should take serious and effective action in this field. It should summon a grand religious scholars meeting in order to address the issue.
Women education should be discussed under the Islamic teachings. Undeniably, they are allowed to get educated by the holy Islam, but the conditions are different. They should be provided with a curriculum based on the Islamic sharia, besides observing hijab and using burqa, while leaving home and going to the education centers.
A dormitory equipped with Islamic ethics should be provided for those women getting education as well as their work for the government agencies should seriously be discussed with the religious scholars and the final decision should be made for all women related issues.
The plan would prevent vicious groups from propaganda against the Islamic system on one hand and on the other, all sharia-based issues could be met through own country’s religious scholars.

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