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Women role in character building

All the companions of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) were expressing
happiness by chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’. Umar says, “Umar is the 40th man
accepting Islam, so let’s go and pray in Haram-e-Sharif.

When Fatima told Umar that they would never stop even if they were killed. This word changed Umar and asked his sister once again what they were reading. His sister said, “First take a bath so that you get clean and can then read the holy book”. Umar immediately went away, washed himself, returned to his sister’s home, read the text of Qur’an, and then went to the house of Arqam where he formally accepted Islam. Before he converted to Islam, Umar was one of the most rabid enemies of Islam and of Mohammad, the Messenger of Allah, and was a great tormentor of the Muslims. It is said that one day in sheer exasperation, Umar resolved to kill Mohammad, and thus to extinguish the flame of Islam itself. He left his home with this intention. As already noted, the Muslims at this time (the last days of the year 6) still gathered in the house of Arqam bin Abi al-Arqam to say their congregational prayers. They were beginning to assemble when one of them, looking out the window, saw Umar approaching toward the house with a drawn sword. In a state of considerable alarm, he told the other members of the congregation what he saw. Presumably, they too were alarmed. But Hamza, who was also present in the house of Arqam, reassured them, and said that if Umar was coming with good in tentions, then it was all right; but if not, then he (Hamza) would run him (Umar) through with his (Umar’s) own sword. But it so happened that Umar had come with the intention of accepting Islam, and he did. All the companions of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) were expressing happiness by chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’. Umar says, “Umar is the 40th man accepting Islam, so let’s go and pray in Haram-e-Sharif.” All companions of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) prayed there without any fear. Before praying, Umar warned that nobody could harm the Muslims. With Umar’s conversion, Islam recruited new strength, and Muslims were now emboldened to dare the pagans. They could, according to these claims, now come out of their places of hiding, and pray openly in the precincts of Kaaba, or rather, it was Umar himself who brought them out of their hiding places, and they were not now afraid of the enemies or of anyone else. Here, a brave woman who was determined and stood on his word till end was behind Umar, who finally accepted Islam. Fatima as a sister of Umar did play a key role and helped her brother Umar accepted Islam. The role of the wife of Akrama: Akrama, who was the son of Abu Jahl and was also the leader of the infidel army before Islam and a participant in the battle of the infidels in the battle of Badr and used wrong words about the Prophet (PBUH), left Makkah when it was captured by the Muslims. When he left Makkah, his wife came to the Prophet and accepted Islam and said: “O Messenger of Allah! Give my husband safety and shelter”. The Prophet said: “I granted him safety”. She then went to her husband to tell him that he was safe. When she reached there, she found that her husband had started a journey in a boat. She followed him in another boat, approached him, and talked to him to turn back. He replied: “I will be killed”. His wife told him that she accepted Islam and she was not a Muslim, saying that she personally secured you from the Prophet. When Akrama heard this, he returned to Makkah and accepted Islam and became a brave mujahid. Here, a woman as wife was behind of her husband as she helped and saved her husband from failure. Like such stories, there have been hundreds of stories of the great figures and successful human beings who have left behind good works and achievements. We can say that it is a woman who performs sometimes the role of mother, the wife, sister and sometimes the role of daughter. Therefore, the role of woman in character building and proper education should never be ignored at any time. Lecturer Saifullah Saee

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