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Women rights fully realized in Islamic Government

The leadership of the Islamic Emirate issued a very comprehensive and unprecedented decree on women’s rights. The decree generally prohibits those abusive practices, oppressions, bans and injustices against women, which have unfortunately deep roots in our society since ancient times and are considered accepted norms and traditions by many people.
However, there is no doubt that these traditions in our societies are in direct conflict with our religious law and instructions, even they are beyond the humanity. These vicious practices against women have been existing from long ago, the religious scholars were supposed to oppose them at each and every time they lived and lead Muslims towards the right path but since the Muslims political leadership has remained
powerless for most of the post Islamic period, the religious scholars and preachers have been left out with only the worship and its virtues related affairs. That is why religious practices have been ignored and replaced with obvious misconceptions in the political, economic and academic areas of Islamic societies.
These vicious traditions have become such a shameful sarcasm among Muslims that even Westerners taunt us who do not have any proper family system and do not respect relations and other moral values themselves.
Thanks God, Now that the Islamic Government has taken over the country and we can implement and practice our social laws in accordance with our sacred Islamic law, our leadership also perceived this shortcoming and issued a decisive decree to cure it. If God is willing, the Afghan people will soon be free from such vicious practices. Now all the religious leaders of the country, social influential personalities and law enforcers will take serous steps to prevent the above mentioned practices.
It is so much important to fight against these injustices against women because the rest of the world considers these practices as part of Islam while Islam has given women an unparalleled status and guaranteed their rights in a way that is un precedent For example, Islam has given women the status of a mother, which the western world is completely deprived of, as well as a very honorable position as a daughter, sister and wife. Islam considers women to take care and look after children and home, a
status that is highly valued in terms of teaching human beings.
In addition to the above mentioned key role of women in Islamic society, Islamic Emirate of
Afghanistan never denies the education and working right of women but only specifies a proper framework for them. There will be no discrimination against women. All Afghan women are allowed to pursue their education both on graduate and post graduate level studies but in a safe and comfortable environment. We do have sectors where we need women the most as the health sector where women doctors and nurses are really needed as well as women teachers are best in teaching and training the children. As women are an active and integral part of our society, we cannot ignore their vital role and rights in the society.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.