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Women-made kitchen supplies local food in Herat

A number of entrepreneur women and girls have launched a homemade kitchen and supply local food to the people in the country’s western province of Herat. Manizha Sadat the owner of the homemade kitchen says that in order to provide a significant number of women and girls with job opportunities and enable them to contribute to their families’ expenses, we have launched the kitchen and supply national and local food to the Herat people. Meanwhile, a number of women who are working in the kitchen ask the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) to pave the ground for businesswomen in the country. Yalda Hashimi a worker in the kitchen said: “In order to women and girls can work and contribute to the development of the country’s economy, the government should provide the entrepreneur women and girls with necessary facilities and safe trade environment inside the country.” Rahim Gul a Herat resident said that the kitchen has a significant number of customers, as lots of them through the social media have become customers and order through social media and then the food is sent to the offices and houses of the customers. On the other hand, a large number of people, while, supporting the establishment of the home-made kitchen by women have said that such initiatives will provide hundreds of women and girls with employment opportunities and develop the local food in the province, as well as it will be a constructive step towards the country’s economic development and self-sufficiency. Some, entrepreneur women in Herat said that the aims of the launching of such works are to empower a large number of women and girls and provide them with job opportunities and contribute to the development of the country as well as get rid of independency from foreign assistance. According to the provincial Women’s Chamber of Industry of Herat, about five women’s restaurants with hundreds of women and girls are operating in the province and most of the restaurants have attracted customers through social media. A few weeks ago, an Afghan female entrepreneur has set up a manufacturing center in the province where at least 100 women have been provided with job opportunities in the factory. The women are producing jam, pickles and tomato sauce in the factory. Girls who were barred from getting an education or unattended women make up a large part of the staff. “Many of them (women) are breadwinners for their families, they need to work, the salary they earn provides food for their families,” said Nafas Gul Jami, the owner of the factory. “We are happy to work here, we financially assist our family, and it also benefits us spiritually,” said Zarifa Rahmani, a woman working at the factory. The officials at the chamber further said that small businesses owned by female entrepreneurs are flourishing and more than 300 women and girls have restarted businesses in the province. Saida Ahmad

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.