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Women journalists need more safety and security, activists

KABUL: Female journalists’ activists ask the government for ensuring safety and security for their works, mostly in the center and provinces of the country.
In an interview with The Kabul Times, Farida Nekzad, Director of Center for Protection of Afghan Women Journalists (CPAWJ) said that fragile security and unsafety have led wide number of women to quit as media workers.
She didn’t negate media owners misbehave, discrimination and other violence against women and girls who are consequently have no option except leaving work with media.
Nekzad said she was pleased of the government’s wide support to women journalists, but asked more to be done for them.
She went on as calling unsafe and insecure environment the main reason of restriction for women’s media activities.
“Advocacies made by the media institutions has resulted in creation of coordination between the government and media, under which a joint committee led by Second Vice-President was established, indicating that government was ready to fully support media in particular, women media workers in the country,” said the media activist.
She regretted on what she said a failure from media owners to behave well with female journalists in the work environments, as they say: “Men and women right are equal and women can do what men can, so women can cover an event even it was too late at night.”
In a country like Afghanistan, with fragile security and unsafety, how can a woman stay long covering an event like men. “Even men can’t dare such insecurity and unsafety during their work.”
Confirming the problems facing by women media workers, Humaira Saqib, director of Afghan Women Agency, also told The Kabul Times that they were facing numerous challenges; both in work environments from co-workers and prevailing insecurities.
Likewise, she said if women were provided with helpful training workshops, they can do everything like men. “But, unfortunately no special support, women are receiving to rise their capacity.”
She added that media-women are also suffering traditional restrictions, household violence, beside lack of safe work environment and growing insecurities, disappointing them from work in media countrywide.
Ms. Saqib believed that providing safe and secure environment for women activities, giving them salaries equal to men and considering both men and women with equal rights and wages, would further encourage women rise their capacity and work hard to serve the country.
Suraya Raiszada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.