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Women harassment in govt departments

By: Shukria Kohistani

Reporting on establishment of 40 committee in government departments on preventing of women harassment, the officials of the MoWA said that since the beginning of 1398 solar year, 34 cases of women harassment have been recorded in these committee, and their perpetrators have been introduced to legal and judicial bodies.
Criticizing the reluctance of government bodies for creating of separate committee on preventing of women employee’s harassment, these officials added that they have already shared this urgent issue with presidential officials as well as with council of ministers.
Based on the law on preventing of women and children harassment approved in 1396 solar year, the MoWA is obliged to record and tackle these cases in coordination of independent government bodies.
Prior to this MoWA Delber Nazari had criticized not releasing of precise data of women harassment cases in government bodies and had asked the government to seek a solution to such cases.
CE Abdullah Abdullah has ordered the MoWA to prepare a list of bodies who neglected on this issue so to be decided on them in next CM meeting.
Spokeswoman of the MoWA Roya Dadrass said that in the outset of current solar year, separate letters were sent to all government departments and asked them to establish a committee in their organization in the name of “Women’s harassment preventing committee” but among all bodies only 40 were ready to establish them.
The officials of MoWA consider establishment of these committee useful on preventing of women harassment. The relevant committees have tackled some of these complaints and perpetrators of eight cases with criminal dimensions were introduced to legal and judicial branches.
Spokeswomen of the MoWA also didn’t share list of those bodies who were reluctance to setup such committee to media but said that MoD, MoE, MoIC, academy of science and independent commission for overseeing the implementation of the constitution are vanguard in establishment of such committee.
The officials of the MoWA have asked all government bodies to take immediate steps on establishing of separate women and children harassment preventing committees and introduce perpetrators to legal and judicial authorities. In case of procrastination legal actions would be taken with violators. Women harassment include disturbance, physical touching, verbal and non-verbal harassment etc. Every year, reports on women harassment are released by government bodies but these reports are seldom prosecuted by relevant government departments and the only case which was relatively prosecuted, was the case of harassment of Afghan women football team. In some government and NGOs, a number of women had to leave job due to harassment. Due to our traditional society, some women who were harassed, kept it secret from their families. 

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.