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Women entrepreneurship on the rise under sure security

After the takeover of the country by the Islamic system and the restoration of countrywide security, the number of businesswomen has increased in the country. Reports suggest that the number of women entrepreneurs have increased by 66 percent compared to their number in previous years in the country. According to reports, the number of women with work licenses has reached to 2,000, while over 120,000 others are running small businesses in the country, an eyecatching increase since the resumption of power by the Islamic Emirate which restored sure countrywide security. Within Afghanistan Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, up to 560 women are now as members, while nearly 800 women are practically doing various businesses in the country. Handicrafts, agriculture, health, food and mining sectors are among the businesses, women are handling in different provinces of the country. This indicates that women can play key role in strengthening the economy and that their investments could increase the level of food security of families and alleviate poverty. Women businesses and investments have touched two to three million U.S. dollars, as a local media quoted one of the country’s women entrepreneurs as saying. Under the holy Islamic teachings, women are not only banned from business and social services, but also encouraged to carry out anything in the interest of their religion and the development of their country. When we hear about women’s fate under an Islamic system, we recall the era of the holy prophet of Islam, who allowed women to work and get involved in social services and that our country is not excluded from, but also encouraged to develop all business affairs under the holy sharia laws. For further explanation about a woman’s life and work, here we need to quote some Islamic guidance and inspiration from Khadija-tul-Kubra (Peace Be Upon Him), the wife of the holy Prophet of Islam Mohammad peace be upon him. Khadijah-tul-Kubra, who then become the wife of the holy prophet of Islam Mohammad (peace be upon him) was actually a leading and successful businesswoman. One of the best inspirations in our lives is the woman of wonders, the great Khadijahtul-Kubra. She was delicate and intelligent and undoubtedly the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)’s most trusted and favorite among all his marriages. History and her moralities about her life and work suggest that she was a successful and esteemed businesswoman and was born to a father who was a successful merchant in the Quraysh tribe of Macca al-Mukarrama. Khadija even was not restricted to work or develop her business in a certain area, village or town, but she could travel with her commercial goods between Macca alMukarrama her native residence and Syria and Yemen. As history suggests, Khadija inherited her father’s skills at a time in history when society was extremely male-dominated and dangerous. Upon her father’s death, she took over the business which was a literally hard time for her to take this responsibility and trade goods through the primary commerce centers of that time, from Mecca to Syria and to Yemen. She hired the most trustworthy men of character to brave the dangerous trade routes. Her business was larger than all of the Quraysh trades combined and the most acclaimed with a reputation of fair-dealing and high-quality goods. If we focus on women’s business in the course of history, especially during the era of the holy Prophet peace be upon him and the then eras of his companions, we would find that a society will not develop without women’s participation in business and other social affairs. The organs concerned should take further security for the entire businesspeople, particularly for the women who are highly interested in business and investment in the country

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.