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Women, civil society activists asking for rights in peace agreements

By: Suraya Raiszada

Afghan women rights and civil society activists say there is no legitimacy for continued war after full US and NATO troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. They have asked for maintaining their rights in possible peace agreements. They have also stressed that the real victims of the ongoing war are women; therefore, the future destiny of women should be specified in peace process.
“Afghan women have now the capacity to administer their destiny and can get their rights and raise their voices in support of women in the country,” said Fawzia Akbari, an Afghan human rights activist.
Mrs. Akbari stated that Afghan women were asking for their rights in possible peace agreements and would not let others deal on their rights.
Safia Hamnawa, an Afghan cavity society activist, says concerns have increased among Afghan women following the announcement of full US and NATO troop withdrawal from Afghanistan as no general consensus has been made to defend the women rights in the country.
“Taliban has no commitments what they have said as their position is always changing. On the other hand, the rights of the victims of ongoing war have not been considered in peace talks; for example, how can we consider the rights of this big part of Afghan society in their absence in peace talks,” Mrs. Hamnawa said, adding current fragile economic situation, increasing unemployment of youth and all other problems are caused by continued war and insecurities in the country.
She said that all issues should be discussed in peace talks, stressing that they both sides to ongoing conflict should first agree on ceasefire considered as important for the people.
Meanwhile, a social expert Sara Ihsan says Taliban should know that they are facing with the whole nation. She says Taliban should respect what the people want from them. According to Mrs. Ihsan, it was the people who let the Afghanistan government issue order for the release of thousands of Taliban prisoners from prisons.
In an interview with The Kabul Times correspondent, women affairs director for Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission Latifa Sultani said Afghan women have unfortunately suffered continued war and insecurities for the past few decades; therefore, it was the responsibility of the government to protect their life and property.
“The rights of women, their rights to get education and to work have been clarified in the country’s constitution; therefore, no group can ignore their rights,” Mrs. Sultani said, asking sides to the ongoing conflict and the negotiating teams to consider full protection of the women’s achievements and their presence in peace process.
This comes after Istanbul conference was delayed to after Eid. The people of Afghanistan hope both Afghanistan government and Taliban will reach an agreement and agree on permanent ceasefire in the country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.