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Women ahead toward empowerment

An exhibition was held displaying women’s handicrafts, here in Kabul.

Called Khadijat-ul-Kubra Empowerment Exhibition, the first national and international seven-day expo for women was opened in the capital, where tens of women’s handicrafts are shown to visitors. The head of the Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry said the purpose of holding this exhibition is to encourage women artisans and businesswomen, and said that 850 women have booths. In the past few months, a similar exhibition displaying both men’s and women’s handicrafts had been held in the capital, with the authorities of the Islamic Emirate saying women’s business would be encouraged further than ever under the Islamic sharia values. Holding such exhibitions is very important and helpful for the development of women’s handicrafts, marketing and introduction of their products and their encouragement to beef up their economic situation. More women are expected to join the exhibition to exhibit their crafts and products as the fair, according to the head of the Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, would take seven days to end. The relevant authorities of the Islamic Emirate consider the encouragement of women to thrive their economy, as part of their top priorities. But they should do their best to work on their licenses and the identities of their products. More attention should be paid to them, and what is necessary for them in the introduction and marketing of their products. Also, holding and specializing this kind of exhibition for women is beneficial for creating more opportunities to introduce and market products produced by women and in order to speed up the business process of some women entrepreneurs, the government can use a series of business ideas, such as reducing the amount of taxes, paying a series of fixed IDs, and reducing the amount of customs tariffs so that they can better export their business goods to foreign countries. Likewise, women’s access to foreign markets can be effective in the further growth of their business and the move by the Islamic Emirate authorities can clearly be a positive step toward what the world unfairly blames the current caretaker Islamic system that it was against women share in work and trade. According to reports, the International Exhibition of Khadijat-ul-Kubra, which was launched by the Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry and its partner institutions in the capital, will continue for seven days, during which women from all provinces of the country will display their handicrafts and other products in 850 booths, the Women Chamber of Industry and Commerce has considered for them. Mashal Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.