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“Woman in depth of anger” a newly published book

This book was written by Afghan female writer Zarifa Pirzad with a circulation of 500 volumes in 127 pages. This book is her fifth work.
In this fiction work, the bitter destiny of innocent and oppressed women who are living under oppressive ruling relations on women life particularly those in remote rural areas and unware of civilization, progress and development, has been reflected.
Ms. Pirzad currently living in Germany, talking on her works to our correspondent, said I wrote my first work in 1997 and totally have written 7 works including a collection of poems, 5 of them have been published and the rest two would come out soon.
She added, “Black days of life in current seraglio”, won the prize of Queen Gawhershad dom in 2009 and a letter of appreciation of the MoIC. “Shelterless” work won first position in 2010 on the occasion of Independence day and Phantom of death won the first position in 2012 on the occasion of independence day by the MoIC.
She went on and added, all my works narrate the actual destiny, current culture and unacceptable tradition in Afghanistan.
Since long years, she has been fighting against violence against women. On the occasion of 8th March 2019, Ms. Pirzad donated 200 volumes of “Woman indepth of anger” to the MoIC.
She was born in first district of Kabul in a an economically medium level family and completed her studies in the field of Pedagogy and worked as a teacher for over 20 years. She has received several letters of appreciations from government and international organizations.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.