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Woman entrepreneur facilitates work for women in Bamyan

Women are highly encouraged to work and support their families everywhere in the country. Under the umbrella of the Islamic system, women are not only banned from work and business but encouraged, funded and supported in accordance with the Islamic sharia. They can travel everywhere inside and outside the country along with their Sharia-based close relatives called “mahram” and work hard to gain legitimate income to support their households. In the capital, Kabul, Herat, Balkh, Badakhshan and other provinces of the country, women and girls are running small enterprises and besides securing livelihood for their own families they are able to provide employment for many other female workers. The increase in the number of female entrepreneurs has clearly negated the claims that the Islamic Emirate was not encouraging women’s business in the country. In a fresh initiative, a female entrepreneur in the country’s central province of Bamyan, has created job opportunities for at least 20 women and girls whom some media reported to be the breadwinners of their households. The woman has provided work for her female personnel in the fields of handicrafts and restaurants. The cost to build and manage the enterprise has not exceeded an investment of more than one hundred thousand Afghanis. The female entrepreneur is Benazir Ebrahimi and the main founder, who said, that through these initiatives, she could provide work for women who have no breadwinner for their families. She told the media that twenty women have been busy working there with them and that women in her enterprise were heavily involved in business as shopkeepers and restaurant waitresses. “They need to financially support their families through the enterprise, she has initiated,” she added. The women involved in working with Ms. Ebrahimi, are happy to have found the business, but ask the Islamic Emirate to support other women on the way forward towards their economic efforts. As a local media introduced, Roqia Ahmadi, who is busy working in Ms. Ebrahimi’s run social and economic center, said that she was a skilled woman in needle and threat and through the initiative, she wanted to support her sixmember family. Ms. Ahmadi one of the entrepreneurs added that she was the breadwinner of her six family members and worked there. “It is good for me. My husband is unemployed and we have started the work with a little money.” Women working as entrepreneurs there said they made embroidered clothes and produced various handmade and embroidered garments for both men and women. Confirming the business, the Bamyan provincial head of information and culture, announced several economic plans to support women’s activities in the center and districts of this province adding almost seven to eight exhibitions planned to be held in the center and districts and another large exhibition supported by UNESCO. According to figures from the local organs, currently, thousands of women are engaged in producing handicrafts in Bamyan province, which can meet a large portion of their living needs through the sale of their handmade products. Women make up to forty percent of breadwinners of households in the country as most of them have lost their male supporters and if the Islamic Emirate supports womenrun enterprises, they can surely overcome their economic problems. Inam Hashemi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.