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Wolesi Jirga hopefuls should obey elections rules

Elections campaign for obtaining the membership of the lower house of Parliament started on Friday. The people insist that the candidates should observe the principles and laws; otherwise they will violate their own commitments.
In this campaign more than 2500 nominees among them 400 women contests for 249 seats of parliament.
Holding parliamentary election in current year would be different from other elections in the country, security problems are more serious, the economic situation is critical, foreign interferences increased and certain figures and circles sabotaging this national process. The problems could be settled in existence of committed parliament.
The people suggest the candidates for parliamentary elections should precisely consider the problems suffering people, cultural and social traditions and customs, otherwise, they are going on the wrong way. Today, Kabul and other cities of the country are full of photos and propaganda materials that have the image of the cities. One can see outstanding slogans and thoughts. The figures appear on TVs, introducing themselves talk about serving people. While, as now in previous elections, the candidates have talked about a new start in the living condition of people, serving people, honesty and justice, but had no any constructive result. The people hope that the candidates considering the realities of the community, their capability and talent introduce themselves to people, because as previous experiences show, just exaggerated talking not solve any problem. Therefore, any world on people’s address should be based on realities of the community.
The second matter is posting posters and propaganda materials: the candidates in that regard should consider city culture and social sensitivities as they are eager to post the posters and propaganda materials, they should not spare any efforts in re- collecting of them in the last day of campaigns. The other issue in time of election campaign is security. The candidates should not forget that the terrorist groups for determining themselves as a power or eliminating some candidates have made their programs more serious. Therefore it makes it necessary for the candidates to act in close coordination with security forces. In addition, it would be required for people to assess the necessity of their participation in the meetings conducted by the candidates. Also, it would be necessary for the candidates to inter in the scene with good moral and avoid using pro – ethnicity and linguistic terms that harms the hearts of people. Also, it would be the moral obligation of the candidates to refrain acts during their campaigns that cause the closure of streets, disrupt the training process in schools and high education institutes or create a gap in working affairs of state run offices.
The candidates are committed people and committed serve people and ensure justice, therefore, they should not use state facilities for their own interests.
The candidates should know that the time for seducing people has past, therefore they should try to get the votes of people through a real and true commitment because they have learned many things from several working terms of national assembly.
Abdul Khalil Menawi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.