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Wise leadership; strong support

This is clear that all the world nations are divided into different countries and in each country, there are millions of people who are under the leadership of different forms of systems. As currently, the Islamic Emirate is administering a rough number of more than forty millions of Afghans, there is a need for tolerance and patience for the officials of the government. Indeed, in such a large number of people, besides those of well-behave and sincere individuals, there will be a large number of evil-doers, traitors and hypocrites, dishonorable and definitely different types of people with different characters, thoughts and ideas. On the other hand, the officials and personnel of the government are limited and this is very hard to control such rough number and manage and handle their related affairs. So, the government officials should not get furious by every objection of the people or any of their fair or unfair willing, as if every day in every district of our country one person speaks ill of the government, and if we collect them, the number will exceed 400 cases. So, arresting all of them, prosecuting them and putting him in jail is beyond the power of any government, but the most important thing is that their prosecution and jailing should be based on the practices, they have made; either the objection of the people have been made in a bid to bring reforms in the governance method of the rulers or it is made for enmity against the system. That is why it is better for rulers to learn first how to govern, administer and control their nation. The main point of a good governance is that the leaders should develop the character of tolerance in themselves. They should understand that there will certainly be many individuals among the ordinary people who are strongly opposing the style and the way of governance by the officials. So, in order to suppress the real enemies, the related organs and officials have to distinguish between friend and foe. The officials of the government, either intelligence personnel or any other associates of security organs should precisely investigate into any issues or whatever, they get about any incidents or something malicious against the government. Then, while, referring their cases to the related organs, they should submit the fact-based evidences about their cases to them, with the organs concerned, considering their religious mission and patriotic responsibility, should fairly review their cases and bring to the law those against the system and advise those whose objections are in favor of the system. Sometimes, there is a need for the Islamic Emirate’s officials and personnel who are deployed everywhere for a series of certain mission to treat well with the people and incase of any ordinary defection from them, ignore them, instead of getting furious and taking them to jail under different excuses. They should exercise patience and tolerance about any ordinary objections by the people and do their best to implement real Islamic and national rules on the people. In addition, this is very disadvantageous to close the mouths of everyone as in this case, the officials will be deprived of listening to the best advice and the right speech from the people. So, to conclude with, the organs concerned should try their best to make a distinction between reform and malicious assertions and objection and implement the justice in the society.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.