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Wise leadership helps system develop

Every Afghan has long wished for a fair, orderly, powerful and stable system to rule in their country, so that their people could compete with the world, be free of foreign needs and self-sufficient and live with dignity. This is the reason why every educated, experienced worker and individual who has some understanding of the political situation is always thinking about how the existing ruling system will be stronger, more organized and more effective in the domestic and foreign fields after winning independence. It is an innate and natural desire that every human being to love his/ her country, and strive for his own benefit and therefore everyone has different suggestions in this regard in accordance with their knowledge and experience. For example, some say that all institutions should be given to absolutely sincere Mujahidin or that they should all be clerics and religious scholars, while some say no, Jihad is their work, may Allah accept it, but besides this, sincerity, professionalism, should also be taken into consideration. Some say that the government will be stable when the people get legitimacy, which means that elections should be held and councils should be formed. Another opinion is that the Loya Jirga (the grand traditional assembly) comprising ethnic leaders, religious scholars, political figures and other experienced leaders should be convened. The constitution should be amended and a competent and authorized council should be established with the approval of the council, a good professional, hardworking and eligible cabinet should be elected. On the other hand, some still say that this should be the emirate’s administration and system, but the officials should be sincere, they should be careful with the government treasury (public property), they should bring more transparency in financial affairs, they should create jobs for the people, and they should implement constructive economic plans. Likewise, attention should be paid to education and training, the courts of justice should be made easy to access and it should not only be generous in giving high privileges to senior officials, but should be kept under strict control and supervision. All these suggestions are undeniably made for the development of the country, the prosperity of the nation and the strengthening of the system and each person makes statements according to his own Ijtihad (deep research in the religion) and knowledge, but from these general ideas and suggestions of the people, this appears that the success and stability of the system, first of all, requires wise and experienced leaders, whom words should be listened to and they should be consulted with. Finally, this point is very important, so Allah gave sincere, wise and experienced advisers to all these leaders, as it is a fact that when Allah intends good for any leader, He gives a good minister and adviser.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.