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Winter operations against militants essential

The heroic counter terrorism struggles of Afghan National Defense and Security Forces and cracking down the insurgents leave no place for any concern. Despite complications of war in Afghanistan and open and secret supports from terrorists in the region, the braveAfghan security forces have been passing a dangerous year, but not letting the enemies of the country to achieve their ominous goal.
The Ministry of Defense (MoD) says the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) will continue their operations during the winter season as they have “inclusive plans” on hand for this purpose to suppress enemies.
“This time, we will continue our winter operations with full force, but we cannot provide details of these operations due to security reasons. You will soon witness large-scale operations,” said MoD spokesman.
This comes as the level of violence has not dropped this winter like the previous years as the Taliban continue to attack Afghan forces in different parts of the country.Turning down Kabul’s call for negotiation, Taliban continuedto target civilians and Afghan forces, however they received heavy casualties.
Since Taliban and other terrorists intensifying their insurgency against the Afghan nation during the spring and summer seasons, it is the time for Afghan forces to intensify their counter-insurgency operations and suppress all of them in each and every corner of the country.
As Afghan government and its allies sparing no effort to bring peace to the war-suffered nation, it is essential for Afghan forces to repulse all the insurgents’ attacks and target their hideouts across the country, so that no to be able to capture areas and threaten the life of innocent masses.
Afghan security forces are the great hope for the people of Afghanistan in regard of securing their lives. The vital juncture where Afghanistan is standing today, public support and trust play a very crucial role in boosting the morale of Afghan forces.
Therefore, the people of Afghanistan must cooperate with their security forces while carrying counter-insurgency operations across the country. Their support not only to bring peace in the country but also help them foil terrorists’ plan and would also reduce civilian casualties, which is being used as shelter by the terrorists.
Meanwhile, what the ANDSF crucially need is to improve coordination in the chain of ground units, the commanding officers and the central headquarters. The higher leadership of the military and the commanding officers need to be able to make time-manner strategic decisions over the war issues, in particular during the winter operations. This is vital for seeing real differences in the counter-insurgency campaign.
Besides continued military operations, it is very important for the international community to develop effective strategy for combating terrorism. The current traditional mechanism for combating terrorism will not mitigate the insurgency. In addition to military deal, eradicating the financial resources of terrorist networks and campaigning against their radical ideology will reduce violence to a great extent and bring them to their knees.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.