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Will Taliban respond to Afghan peace offer?

While political efforts have entered a new chapter for settling of Afghan conflict and Taliban have resorted to most violent actions in the battlefields to fix themselves, American diplomats and military leaders talk on war and peace.
US commander Gen Scott Miller says, war in Afghanistan would be continued until reaching a political settlement. Here both sides are fighting each other to achieve victory and the Afghan security-military forces have been acting good in the battlefields.
Touching available opportunities on peace, the US top diplomat John Bass in Kabul said, we should wait to receive Taliban response on the demands of Afghan people.
He continued, today we have access to opportunities that didn’t exist one and half year ago and should see that whether its possible to gain a political solution. We cannot say that we would succeed or not?
But Gen Miller have more frank words. He talks on peace with the barrel of rifle and said, we have essential resources. The battlefields are led by ANSDF and NATO supplies essential resources for them and we empower them. Taking into account the number of casualties, the winner of this war would be the ANSDF. These forces are fully active if there is any reduction of NATO troops, ANSDF would achieve victory.
After few rounds of talks with the US authorities, the Pakistan-backed Taliban still refusing to talk with the Afghan government. With their recent escalation and patience of the Afghan government, Taliban think that victory is possible to them through military way.
Taliban continued strongheadness has forced American military rulers and Afghan authorities to resort punishment of Taliban and make it clear that victory is not in that war. The recent statements of Gen Miller show that Taliban would be facing further problems.
The US Department of State special representative for Afghan peace.Zalmay Khalilzad has also said that if Taliban continue the war the US would support the Afghan people and government in the battlefield.
The Afghan ministry of National Defence has said that war would continue against those groups who disobey the peace. A new report shows that the US air forces have increased air raids agents Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan. In Nov 392 air raids and in the first three weeks of Dec 150 air raids have taken place in different places including Helmand and Farah provinces.
The spokesman of US forces in Afghanistan has said that the US army has resorted to these raids to make Taliban for talks.
He added that the US and allies are concerned that stabilization of Afghanistan should take place in such a way that the terrorists Taliban don’t manage again to set up safe heavens and sanctuaries in this country and launch attacks throughout the world. In above raids, 1089 insurgents including their 19 gang leaders have been eliminated.
Now either the Afghan, American or NATO military authorities have concluded that reaching peace has another way too and that is increasing military pressure. The Kabul Times

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