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Will not support military imposed system in Afghanistan: Intl community

By: Suraya Raiszada

KABUL: Representatives from the United States, the European Union, France, Germany, Italy, NATO, Norway and Britain have jointly stressed that they will not support a government imposed military on Afghanistan.
At a meeting on the situation of Afghanistan the representatives said that there was no military solution to the Afghan problem and that they won’t support a government imposed by force.
The high-level talks between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban on July 17-18 should focus on key issues in the future, the meeting urged.
The representatives acknowledged that reaching a final political agreement, including an agreement on the constitution, was time-consuming, and that the government and the Taliban needed to reach an understanding on a lasting and comprehensive ceasefire until basic principles for the next government and details of agreement on a transitional government.
They stressed that the formation of a transitional government should include respect for the rights of all Afghans in accordance with Afghanistan’s international and anti-terrorist commitments.
The Taliban have also been urged to immediately stop violence and that all parties to the conflict must reduce violence, protect civilians, and respect their obligations under the international humanitarian law.
The special envoys have specifically called on the Taliban to stop military attacks and called on both the government and the Taliban to significantly contribute to the peace process and stressed the urgent need for a ceasefire, besides praising the sacrifices of the Afghan security forces.
“Afghan people have suffered much during the last long conflict and are now concerned by high levels of violence, Taliban attacks and a number of serious human rights abuses,” they said in a statement. The meeting has also reaffirmed support for a comprehensive peace process that is Afghan-owned and that represents the full and meaningful participation of women.
“Both sides must negotiate in good faith to reach a justice based and lasting political agreement, and welcomed any mediator to advance the process,” said the statement.
In the statement, they announced five conditions to help Afghanistan’s next government; inclusive governance, the right to elect political leaders, the protection of human rights, the rights of women, youth and minorities, commitments in the fight against terrorism and the fact that Afghanistan does not become a base for terrorists.
Abiding by the international law, including international humanitarian law, is one of the elements that the countries emphasized in the final peace agreement.
The representatives of the said countries have also stated in their most recent statements that international support for any future government will depend, at least in part, on adherence to five agreements; good governance, commitment to the rule of law and human rights, including the preservation of the achievements of women and girls, the government’s firm action to fight corruption, and the fulfillment of the Geneva commitments as conditions for the continuation of the international assistance to Afghanistan.

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