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Why we need to read a book?

Why should we read?

Ask yourself, when did you read a book or article last time?

Is book reading your habit like other routine activities or not?

A survey has shown, one out of each five persons does not read even one book in a year. George R. Martin, an American author says, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” The book has a significant and vital role in human life, it is not exaggeration if we say: The most important and useful invention of human beings is the book because it is the only way to realize and recognize all creations. Socrates says, “A society can develop when reading is the daily habit of its residents.” Book reading has a lot of advantages some of which are listed below: • Boosts mind In contradiction to watching TV, reading is an activity that strengthens the mind and its repetition increases the mind’s focusing ability. • Strengthens memory Scholars believe that if memory is not used timely, it weakens with the passage of time. Daily book reading and studying habit strengthens memory. • Decreases mistakes Ralph W. Emerson says, “A good book is like a good friend who always advises you on the right path.” If we don’t fail or don’t make mistakes, we don’t achieve real success, but then reading makes us not make many mistakes and find the way to success easily. • Book changes our lives We have heard from many scholars that book reading changed their lives. It opens our eyes and changes our lives. This change can be better felt when we compare ourselves after reading with the situation where we are not reading. Victor Hugo says, “He, who has access to two things is lucky; either good books or a friend who reads a lot of books.) • Expands knowledge French philosopher Montesquieu says, “Read a lot to realize that you don’t know anything.” When we start reading a book, we come to know how many things we are not aware of. Afghan author and poet Ustad Ulfat say: (My dream will be fulfilled when the price of getting knowledge decreases and everyone gets able to achieve it.) According to him, knowledge is implicit in books; The more books you read, the more you know about everything. The Scottish philosopher Thomas Carlyle says, “Reading a collection of good books is like a good university today.) • Save us from loneliness In any case and at any time, the book can become a good friend of our life. George Orwell says, “Living with a book in loneliness and boredom is the best thing to do.” • Enhances logic Books teach us about issues based on which we can analyze well, express our opinion on a particular topic and defend it through logic. • Expands vocabulary Naturally, the more we read, the more words we become familiar with. A wide range of words enhances our ability to speak well. • Improves writing skills Reading books and writing skills are closely related to each other. When you read a good book, your writing skills are strengthened; Because the flow and tone of other authors’ writings also affect you. If you want to be a good writer, read a lot. There are countless other benefits of reading and studying books. If you don’t have the habit of reading, it is still too early, tart it today. It is not necessary to rush, read two or three pages on the first day, four pages on the second and third day and continue slowly. In the end, you won’t even know how you got used to reading. Wagma Wardak

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.